Residential Security Agent  – Executive Protection – Full time – North Carolina

Residential Security Agent – Executive Protection – Full time – North Carolina


Job Title: Residential Security Agent – Executive Protection – Full time – North Carolina

LaSorsa & Associates is pre-screening candidates for full time Residential Security Agents for a client in the Charlotte, NC area who will ensure the safety, security and reputation integrity of the client, client’s family, other designated individuals and company assets.

‘Leading Security Training Providers Teaming Up to Provide Exceptional Value’

‘Leading Security Training Providers Teaming Up to Provide Exceptional Value’

As an innovative and value-driven training provider, we strive to be on the forefront of the industry in technique and in true benefit to our students. As such, beginning in our October 20-28 9 day comprehensive Executive Protection Training Program, LaSorsa & Associates will be teaming up with Vehicle Dynamics Institute by incorporating their highly acclaimed Protective/Evasive Driving course into the program. Along with the certificates LaSorsa & Associates awards for the various components of the course, students who complete the Protective/Evasive Driving component will be presented with a separate certificate of completion from VDI, providing an even greater training value to an already leading program.

Executive Protection Driver – San Francisco Bay Area, Full time

Executive Protection Driver – San Francisco Bay Area, Full time

Pre-screening candidates in order to fulfill a direct hire opportunity for a San Francisco Bay Area, Full time position as an executive protection / security driver. 

JOB SUMMARY: Executive Protection Driver – San Francisco Bay Area, Full time

LaSorsa & Associates is pre-screening candidates for a Executive Protection Driver – San Francisco Bay Area, full time position (Personal Protection) who will ensure the safety and protection of the client, client’s family, other designated individuals and assets in accordance with all local, state and federal laws. The position is located in the vicinity of Oakland, Ca.

Executive Protection Jobs – Bodyguard Jobs

Executive Protection Jobs – Bodyguard Jobs

New opportunities in Plano, San Francisco, LA, PA, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Chicago, Milwaukee, Wichita, NYC, Detroit, Boston, Phoenix, Orlando, MD, VA and many more. Jobs with Amazon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, SANDS, AS Solution, GDBA, Comcast, Focus Point, etc.

2017 Training Schedule

An excerpt from a recent job post:

The ideal candidate should be able to / should possess:

  • A graduate of a reputable executive protection training school
  • Have an operational understanding of today’s technology across all platforms
  • Advanced medical and evasive driving experience
  • Proficient in Protective Intelligence
  • A minimum of CPR/First Aid/AED for all ages is required
A Guide to PMC Contracting

A Guide to PMC Contracting

There seems to be one question asked repeatedly in many of the social media groups that never is answered to the satisfaction of those seeking the information, “How do I find, get and keep overseas contract work with a PMC?” Additionally, many articles written on the subject seem to be more ‘fluff’ than any real information and written by those who do not have any clue as to how to find, get and keep overseas contracts. The purpose of this article is to provide meaningful and effective guidance with the aim of satisfying that request for information, similar to the Guide to Contracting & Subcontracting Security Services article.

Below, I have reached out to many who have both direct and current experience with contracting overseas who have been generous enough to offer their time to provide much needed insight and guidance on the subject, covering How to Find Open Contracts, How to Find and Connect with Recruiters, Steps to Ensure Application Compliance, Successful Training Tips, Successful Deployment Tips and Coming Back Home/Maintaining Readiness.

Individual Protective Agent’s Kit (IPAK) Review

Via Art Dorst, 20+ Security Professional from New Jersey.

“LaSorsa & Associates Individual Protective Agent’s Kit (IPAK) Review
I recently assisted Joe LaSorsa in teaching his 7 Day Executive Protection Agents course. The course is broken down into three components: Three days of Executive Protection, one day of CPR/AED, First Aid and trauma medical response basics, and three days of security driver training. I had seen his posts about the IPAK on line but had not had the chance to see one in person.

During the course I had the chance to check one out and see how it fit into the trauma medical portion of the class. My medical background includes 19 years as a NJ Certified EMT. Combat Life Saver Course graduate (Back in the 90’s when it was developed.), and almost 15 years as an American Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder Instructor. Back when I was in the National Guard an IFAK consisted of one battle dressing as opposed to today’s much more advanced IFAKs carried by military personnel. As a police officer we usually didn’t carry anything more than band aids unless you were a member of the EMT Unit (that is where I became and EMT). I recall watching the North Hollywood Bank robbery shoot out and seeing the LAPD officer wounded and trapped behind vehicles with no medical gear. That was an “oh shit” moment and at my next Guard drill I got a few extra battle dressings and kept them with me. That was considered high speed back then.

Back to the IPAK . There are many good IFAKs out there on the market but for those of us work low profile executive protection and security jobs they are too big and obvious for most clients liking for us to be carrying around on our person. The IPAK bridges that gap between a full blown IFAK and a band aid in your pocket. It fits into a Smart phone case and doesn’t attract any attention to itself.

The contents include the following (List taken from the LaSorsa & Associates website.):
Kit Contents:
1 x Covert Case with Belt Clip
1 x Nitrile Exam Gloves (1 pr. Latex Free)
1 x SWAT-T® (Stretch, Wrap and Tuck Tourniquet)
1 x QuikClot® Clotting Sponge
1 x Gauze Pad 5″x9″
2 x Antiseptic Wipes

Packaged Size: 5.5″ L x 2″ W x 3″ H
Weight: 6 oz

With the recent terrorist attacks and active shooter incidents one thing that is clear is that emergency medical services (EMS) are going to be delayed getting to the victims due to the nature of the incidents. In most areas EMS will not enter the hot zone until it has be declared secure by law enforcement depending on the size and scope of the incident this could be hours. Therefore it will fall upon the victims and or their security providers to start lifesaving actions as soon as possible. That is where the IPAK comes into play the main ingredient in the kit is the SWAT-T tourniquet. It can be used as a tourniquet for extremity wounds or as a compression bandage on other wounds. I‘m not going to go into the how’s to do this, as opposed to saying that you can (Seek training for a full understanding.). When using the SWAT–T in conjunction with the other items you have a kit that will buy you or a victim time that would not be available without them. This is not the end all be all of kits but what it does is provide the basics to buy time in a critical situation when carrying a larger kit is not an option. This is a great option for anyone looking for a low profile trauma medical option that requires minimal training.”

Art Dorst, EMT,
Security Professional

IPAK Gen 3

30 Executive Protection, Bodyguard, Security Driver, Security Consultant & Security Management Positions

30 New openings in OR, MA, AZ, CA, MO, CO, DE, DC, NJ, NY, FL, VA, TX, and more.

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