Safe Rooms

Former Secret Service Agent, Presidential Protection, Board Certified in Security Management Specializing in Safe Rooms Consulting and How to Build a Safe Room.

With the collaboration and assistance of specialty security and architectural firms, LaSorsa and Associates has consulted on the building and designing of yacht, residential and estate safe rooms, featuring impenetrable walls and doors.

Factors Affecting Security Systems and House Safe Rooms:

Police Response Time

If an intruder gains access to your residence or estate, the police typically do not respond quick enough to prevent an intruder from coming face to face with an occupant. The result – an unwanted tragic event usually occurs.

Safe Room Accessibility

The primary focus of a viable and efficient Security Intrusion Detection System (alarm system) should be to warn and provide occupants of your home with sufficient time to access the safe room and avoid any possible confrontation with an intruder. True, although most regard the system as a deterrent, it is at the same time, a warning system, allowing you and your loved ones ample time to access your safe room. In order to facilitate a safe outcome, it is vital to ensure quick and easy access to a safe location (safe room) and to remain secure until the police or security detail respond.

Therefore, police response time and access to your safe room play critical roles in determining a positive outcome during a break-in or intrusion.

Safe Rooms can be designed and constructed at various levels of security. They can be minimally reinforced and impregnated with ballistic materials. They can also be designed to achieve the highest levels of security, where the room is totally protected from exterior access and is constructed with steel reinforcements, ballistic materials and a door constructed by a “vault” manufacturer. This highest level of protection is routinely equipped with a separate AC system, security CCTV monitors, survival supplies, oxygen and a back up communications systems.

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Pre-Construction Assessments

The LaSorsa and Associates team can work closely with your architect or builder to review preliminary designs in order to pro-actively implement design changes and modifications before construction or renovations are initiated. This involvement routinely ensures the implementation of the appropriate technical and physical security countermeasures. If you have any questions about our Safe Rooms Security Consulting services, contact us now!

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  • Corporate, Industrial, Residential or Governmental Applications
  • Closed circuit televisions (CCTV)
  • Covert/hidden cameras
  • Audio Countermeasures Debugging
  • Safe Room design, construction and maintenance
  • Alarm Systems and monitoring
  • Keyless entry systems
  • X-RAY imaging, monitoring and detection devices
  • vCard Access
  • Radio back-up
  • Photo ID systems
  • Armed Yacht Captain(s) and Staff Available

Initial consultations are always free.

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