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Evasive Driving Experience

Evasive Driving Experience for executive and corporate events, etc.
Whether you are a protection specialist, executive chauffeur, security contractor, executive or public figure and even their family members, this program will meet your needs of an evasive driving experience.

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Many executives, security professionals and private citizens have an interest in performance driving, but do not have many options for a short driving experience which offers realistic content delivered to meet their needs. Our Evasive Driving Experience is offered in order to provide just that. Suitable for executive and corporate events, group training and even for protective agents as a refresher, our program will satisfy anyone wanting to gain knowledge and experience in evasive driving, accident avoidance, emergency braking and skid control.

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1 Day Evasive Driving Experience 

-High-Speed Vehicle Maneuvers, Braking & Skid Control Exercises
-Accident Avoidance & Swerving-to-avoid Exercises: Roadblocks

-Emergency Escape Turns: Bootleg Turn (Mayday) & J-Turn (Switchblade)

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The evasive driving experience is also perfect for the enthusiast or daily driver seeking a limited, one and a half day evasive driving course. Perfect for corporate events and for introductory training, the evasive driving experience can be custom delivered to suit your organization’s needs.

– Evasive Driving Experience –

The Evasive Driving Experience can be specially scheduled nationwide.
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