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Developed and instituted by a Former Secret Service Special Agent, Law Enforcement, Military & Internationally Respected Private Sector Professionals, Board Certified in Security Management & Consulting

This course will provide a fundamental overview of the concepts and procedures used in physical security consulting and is suitable for anyone wishing to jump-start a consultancy or to further develop their skills in security consulting. This introductory program will show you how to successfully launch a new security consultant practice by discussing how to develop and market yourself as a security consultant. This course also includes a module on the ASIS CPP designation, discussing what is required to acquire it and it’s value to you as a consultant.


NC Department of Justice Private Protective Services Board Certified Training Course
12 Hours of Continuing Education Credit


security consultant training course

2 Day Security Consultant Training Course $1,050

Overview & Terminology
Learn the common terminology used in security consulting and the basis of providing consulting services.

Physical Security Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals on the protection of assets of an enterprise, agency, or institution – Increasing Deterrents, Decreasing Attractants, Site Hardening & Response Initiation.

Physical Barriers, Access Control, CCTV, Lighting, Intrusion Detection Systems & Security Systems Integration
Learn the fundamentals of electronic access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection. Discuss convergence and the development of a PPS (Physical Protection System)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
What is CPTED? Learn how and why to apply it focusing on how to implement the concepts while discussing, guidelines and showing both good and bad examples.

Safe Room Design Characteristics and Recommendations
‘Philosophy of Use’ for purpose-built design concepts suitable o your client’s needs.

Understanding & Defining Risk Mitigation: Best Practices, Protocols and Standards
Learn how and why the risk management context of the organization describes the scope as well as risk control parameters, methods, and plans currently in place for the risk management activities. 

The Methodology of Conducting Security Risk Assessments & Surveys
Learn the 7 Step Process while discussing details and lessons learned. From start to finish, the student will be enabled to perform a physical security risk assessment.

Writing Reports, Report Content & Submission
Learn the why and how of report writing, including content, guidelines and recommendations with examples and templates.

Establishing a Consultancy
Learn operational business concepts, proposals & pricing of services, marketing strategies and discuss the process in acquiring the ASIS CPP.


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