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LaSorsa & Associates is a full-spectrum security and investigations solutions provider, focusing on customer service and ensuring our clients are safe, secure and successful.

In order to uphold our reputation of professionalism and reliability, LaSorsa & Associates welcomes only the smartest and most talented leaders within their field to join our team of protection specialists, consultants and investigators. To be eligible for employment with our firm, you must have a genuine passion for your work and strive for success – without this, employment at our firm would be a mis-match. 

We seek people who share our core values; those who have an innate sense of integrity and truly enjoy helping others. If you consider yourself a leader in your field, we invite you to explore our available positions.

If you become part of our team, know you will be treated fairly and with compassion, as employee care is a prominent virtue for our company. Also understand that you will be held fully accountable for the highest levels of competence, diligence and integrity as that is what we expect and our clients demand.

Please review out brochure to better understand our capabilities and values. We are looking forward to working with you.

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