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Defensive & Evasive Driving Course

Defensive & Evasive Driving Course

This course will be tailored to meet your training needs – whether you are a protection specialist, executive chauffeur, security contractor, executive or public figure and even their family members – our course will increase your survivability.

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Each student in our evasive driving course will be required to demonstrate a skill on each exercise which exceeds the minimum requirements established for security driving techniques.
The U.S. Secret Service and Department of State Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) standards were utilized as benchmarks in the development of our standards.
The certificate you will receive when you complete the training will indicate that you have met and exceeded these standards and will serve as a testament to your capabilities as a security driving professional.

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Most executive protection specialists and those newcomers to the business tend to focus on their training dollars on firearms training. While training for that .01 chance is appropriate, it is vitally important to the safety of your client and your effectiveness as a protection professional to be well trained in evasive driving, so invest where it matters most.

Think of it this way –
you may have to use your weapon, but you will drive the vehicle.

Our defensive & evasive driving course is designed for executive protection agents and is great chauffeur training, security driver training and protective driving training for protection specialists as well as anyone wanting to gain knowledge and experience in evasive driving concepts, accident avoidance and skid control. An emphasis is placed on developing intuitive driving skills that will allow the student to recognize and respond to the vehicle’s feedback in order to survive life threatening situations ranging from deliberate attacks or ambushes to motor vehicle accidents. This course prepares the executive chauffeur or private security contractor with the driving skills necessary to survive an attack while on the road.

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We can arrange this training for your group at locations across the US or Internationally.
Contact us to discuss arrangements.

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Defensive/Evasive Driving Course $2,050

-Vehicle Mechanics & the Science of Driving
-Vehicle Types & Considerations
-Vehicle Checks, Equipment & Emergency Preparedness
-Attack Recognition & Ambush Avoidance

-Sedan & SUV Evasive Maneuvers & Concepts
-Accident Avoidance, Emergency braking & Swerving-to-avoid Obstacles
-High-Speed Vehicle Maneuvers, Braking Techniques & Skid Control
-2 Point Escape Turn and Reversing Techniques
-Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements

Our defensive & evasive driving course focuses primarily on providing participants the knowledge, skill, and ability to meet the challenges they are likely to face in a particular locale or environment, while performing specific operations, or when operating specialized vehicles. Perfectly suited chauffeur training and security driver training for protective driving. Let us know the particulars of your organization, and we will adapt our training to best fit your needs.

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– Protective Driving Course –

Click here for our 1 Day Evasive Driving Experience – Corporate events, etc.

Our Defensive & Evasive Driving Course can be specially scheduled nationwide.
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*In order to maintain compliance with ITAR&§120.9 registrants may be subject to an identity and legal status verification. Prior to the first day of class, you will be required to provide proof of citizenship or legal status. Additionally, although our courses are open to the general public, if you have a felony conviction on your record, you may face licensing and permit restrictions in most states – this is for your awareness only – Registration fees are non-refundable.*

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