Identifying weaknesses in protective security layers and exploiting human nature, our team will train, test and validate your operational susceptibility to deceit, persuasion and infiltration through red team operations and social engineering exploitation.


Review from Industry Experts in Protective Services

By using highly experienced industry experts in protective services, our team has the insight to leverage social engineering or physically subverting your team’s ability to maintain posture and security of information.

  • Are all of your security agents from RST (Residential/Static) to EP (Mobile) truly validated?
  • How strict are your agents about confidentiality?
  • Custom delivered training relevant to the agent’s role
  • Nothing can be more damaging than insider threats of a high profile team agent.

Quality Assurance Through Testing, Training, Validation & Reporting

We can provide initial or post training, as well as validate that training or validate current operations with a detailed report with technical, detailed findings of the testing. The report details identified weaknesses or vulnerabilities and will outline recommendations and countermeasures to mitigate those risks and exposures.  

red team quality assurance

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