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Executive Protection Training – Bodyguard Training

Innovative, Realistic, Relevant & Valuable 9 Day Executive Protection Training – Bodyguard Training Program, developed and instituted by a Former Secret Service Special Agent, Law Enforcement, Military & Internationally Respected Private Sector Professionals


9 Day Executive Protection Training Program – $3,995
Includes the 4 courses below, double-occupancy hotel, all ammo (9mm & sims), most meals, airport/hotel transportation and all materials. ($3,495 no hotel option)

3 Day Executive Protection Agent Training Course – $995
-Preliminary Assessments
-Protective Intelligence Sourcing & Analysis
-Advance Concepts & Procedures
-Route Selection & Surveys
-Designing & Implementing a Protective Detail
-Choreography & Formations
-Protective Perimeter & Layering Concepts
-Live working Protective Detail Exercises
-Protective Operations Case Studies
-Counter-Surveillance & Behavioral Analysis
-Surveillance Detection Concepts
-Considerations & Planning for Overseas Operations

-Motorcade & Convoy Security Concepts
-Arrival & Departure Procedures
-Vehicle Sweeps & Vehicle Readiness
-Armored Vehicles – History & Operations

-State Licensing Requirements & Insurance
-Successful Start-Up, Sub-Contracting & Marketing Techniques
*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*

1 Day Protective Medical Response Training Course – $295
-TCCC All Combatants/All Providers Certificate (9 Day Course only)
-Adult & Pediatric CPR, AED & First Aid Certification (ARC)

-Emergency Response Readiness & Equipment Selection
-TECC/TCCC Traumatic Injury Care Fundamentals
-Point of Wounding Care – The 3 Most Common Causes of Preventable Death
-Emergency Response & Evacuation in Protective Operations
*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*

3 Day Defensive & Evasive Driving – $2,195
-Vehicle Mechanics & the Physics of Driving
-Vehicle Types & Considerations
-Vehicle Checks, Equipment & Emergency Preparedness
-Attack Recognition & Ambush Avoidance

-Sedan & SUV Evasive Maneuvers & Concepts
-Accident Avoidance, Emergency braking & Swerving-to-avoid Obstacles
-High-Speed Vehicle Maneuvers, Braking Techniques & Skid Control
-2 Point Escape Turn (Modified Y Turn) and Reversing Techniques
*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*

2 Day Protective Firearms Training Course (Live Fire & NLTA) – $795
-Human nature, escalation of force procedures & deadly force pre-conditions

-Proper gear selection & placement, ammunition selection & ballistics
-Proper stance, grip & draw from holster (concealed)
-Sight alignment, trigger control & recoil management
-Speed reloads, tactical reloads, immediate & remedial action
-Concealed Carry – IWB and OWB considerations and techniques
-Shooting on the move & situation specific shooting positions
-Multiple target engagement
-Vehicle engagement and counter-ambush techniques
-Protective operations scenarios (NLTA)
-Threat evaluation and engagement in multiple realistic settings (NLTA)
-Weapon retention tactics & force-on-force close combat (NLTA)
-Interior movement fundamentals & ‘shoot, move, communicate’ (NLTA)
-Attack-on-Principal & principal extraction exercises (NLTA)
*Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*

Can I use VA Benefits or GI Bill to attend your course? Yes, read more on our FAQ page:

Ammo (9mm), double-occupancy hotel accommodations, most meals and all materials are included for the 9 day program. 

This 9 Day Executive Protection Training Program includes:
the 3 Day Executive Protection Fundamentals Course,
the Protective Medical Training Course,
the 3 Day Defensive & Evasive Driving Course,
and the 2 Day Protective Firearms Course.

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Each student in our 9 Day Comprehensive Executive Protection Training Program will be evaluated and required to demonstrate a capability on each exercise which exceeds the minimum requirements we have established for fundamental knowledge of executive protection, emergency medical response in protective operations and security driving. The U.S. Secret Service and Department of State Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) standards were utilized as benchmarks in the development of our standards.

Our training program offers the 3 certificates you need to meet the current demands of employers – Executive Protection Fundamentals, Protective Medical Response Training with CPR/AED/First Aid, Security Driving / Evasive Driving and Protective Firearms Attack Response/Counter-Attack.

The certificates you will receive upon completion of this course will indicate that you have exceeded the required standards and will serve as a testament to your capabilities as a protection professional.

-Certified and Accredited Private Protective Services Training Course-
NC Department of Justice Private Protective Services Board Certified Training Course


execcutive protection training bodyguard training

Our 9 Day Comprehensive Program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective personal protection. From entry-level to seasoned practitioners, the fundamentals of providing executive protection, emergency medical response in protective operations and evacuation & security driving will be stressed over the program, focusing on reality, efficiency & survivability.

Our training courses can be specially scheduled nationwide to meet your groups requirements, or find an open registration course on our schedule page.

Please use the form below to submit your request for a Custom Training Program
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*In order to maintain compliance with ITAR&§120.9 registrants may be subject to an identity and legal status verification. Prior to the first day of class, you will be required to provide proof of citizenship or legal status. Additionally, although our courses are open to the general public, if you have a felony conviction on your record, you may face licensing and permit restrictions in most states – this is for your awareness only – Registration fees are non-refundable.*

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