Recruitment and Staffing:
Personal Protection, Armed Driver, Executive Protection

As one of our core services is providing protective services / armed drivers / chauffeurs on a full-time or on-call basis, LaSorsa and Associates is well suited to provide recruitment and staffing for these services.

Executive Protection Recruitment and Personal Protection Staffing can be complicated and ineffective without the resources and industry knowledge that a service provider like us would have. If you are looking for a trained professional to serve as a full-time driver, and also to provide protection services on an on-call basis, we can help.

Finding the best possible person who can fit within your company, family, or corporate culture and contribute to your organization is a challenge, but we can make this situation an opportunity. Common points of failure in executive protection recruitment are poor understanding of job function and responsibilities, poor definition of job-related objectives and poor communication with candidates regarding expectations, these may lead to a number of issues, including inadequate initial screening, including poor reference checking. Additionally, poor culture and/or personality match can increase longevity problems and increase frustrations. Our staff can provide effective, successful employee recruitment.

Executive protection bodyguard transportation

We provide armed driver recruitment and staffing services direct to clients, to management companies, etc.
Please contact us if you are looking into options for one of your clients regarding executive protection. If you are seeking an armed personal driver or protection agent, we can make the process easy and effective.  

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