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LaSorsa & Associates is an industry leader in providing professional executive protection drivers and security drivers for corporations, private families and VIP clients throughout the world. Our Security Drivers provide the safest, most comfortable environment for customers so that they can focus on their business or leisure objectives.

If you do not need a full-scale protective detail, we can provide a security driver to reduce risk during the one of most vulnerable and exploitable times – during transportation. Our security drivers practice evasive driving techniques, advance support procedures,  surveillance detection techniques and can recognize potential threats before they manifest into dangerous situations. Our drivers are trained to select appropriate routes with alternates, and emergency evacuation contingencies, all while designing around an unpredictable schedule that maximizes security and minimizes risk during daily commutes or event-related travel.  

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Global Customized Security Driver and Secure Air Transportation Services

LaSorsa and Associates provides secure transportation services in every metropolitan area in order to support your safety, security, and successful itinerary. We coordinate the right mix of ground vehicles from a diverse fleet ranging from low-profile to luxury and even armored vehicles as well as all types of aircraft options, such as light, medium, and large cabin aircraft with seating from 2-18 passengers. For specialized events, we can even provide large commercial aircraft with up to 160 seats.

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Our Bodyguard & Security Driver Services can help with and offer the following services:

  • VIP Secure Transportation Services
  • Armed Security Driver or Armed Chauffeur
  • Armed bodyguard Driver – Executive Protection Driver
  • Secure Air Transportation Via Private Aircraft

Our executive protection security drivers and chauffeurs are trained in a variety of safety and security techniques, including surveillance detection and evasion, counter surveillance, and defensive driving tactics- all modeled after the latest U.S. Secret Service techniques. 

Our executive protection drivers and chauffeurs services can offers a complete protective security service, for clients requiring both low key discreet security, to high profile overt protection, and any level in between. Drivers are also trained in first aid and CPR.

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Customized Global Executive Protection & Security Services

Executive Risk Assessments & At-Risk Security Profiles

Solutions for Protective Intelligence & Social Media Investigations

Our Armed Executive Drivers and Chauffeurs provide both domestic and international services, to include the following areas and countries: Antigua, Anguilla, Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominica, St. John, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Grenada, Montserrat, Netherland Antilles, Nevis, St. Vincent, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Turks & Caicos and Trinidad & Tobago, Bermuda, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, New York, New York City, NYC, Los Angeles, LA, L.A., U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Cayman, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela and South America, Europe, Italy, Rome, Milan, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Asia, China, the Far East, India, etc.

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