We provide scalable security solutions while keeping a strong focus on customer service with a concierge-type approach to facilitating your objectives.

We strive to be the partner you rely on; where you can make one call, explain what you need and we handle it from there, all while keeping you safe, secure and successful.

LaSorsa & Associates, founded by a Former Secret Service Agent, Presidential Protection Detail providing risk assessment and threat analysis services, executive and key employee protection, travel and logistical management services and emergency coordination, crisis management to corporate clients. We also provide bodyguard services, full time protection details and temporary protective services for VIPs, celebrities, high-net-worth and at-risk individuals.

Our services include executive risk, threat and vulnerability assessments for at-risk public figures, high-net worth individuals, celebrity stalking and kidnapping cases. We also provide estate and residential security services, armored vehicle transportation and international travel and risk advisories. We ensure the appropriate recommendations are provided in order to mitigate risks and exposures, keeping our clients safe, secure and successful.


Permanent & Temporary Security Services
Security Guards, Personal Protection & Bodyguards

• Customized Global Executive Protection & Security Services
• Travel and Logistical Management Services and Emergency Coordination
• Close Protection Agents for Permanent or Full-Time Assignment
• Temporary Bodyguard Services for Events, Vacation, Travel, etc.
• Bodyguards & Celebrity / VIP Protection for High-Profile Occasions
• International Private Security & Protective Services
Executive Risk Assessments & Threat Profiles

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Executive Risk Assessments, Threat Assessments, & Risk Analysis

Our approach to executive protection is the fundamental belief that the best protective assistance is an effective and seamless blend of facilitation and security. We consistently demonstrate that executive protection can be a comfortable and seamless element of the private or corporate environment. Our bodyguards and protective consulting services include full-scale risk assessments, threat assessments and protective program development analysis.

A threat assessment is used to discern the risks faced by an individual and to make practical recommendations toward protecting that person. In order to accurately assess the level of risk faced by someone and to make fact-based recommendations to reduce that risk, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth  protective analysis of such areas as the office, home, transportation practices, activities and other areas of vulnerabilities. 

Our team of Personal Security Executive Protection Agents carefully analyze all of these factors by site visits, personal interviews, document review and through research into what information outsiders can obtain about the individual’s attractiveness as a targets. Our Private Security and Executive Protection Agents and assessment team will then make practical recommendations to protect against risks as well as proactive countermeasures and security practices.

Interactive International Travel Risk Map – Assess Your Travel

Bodyguard Services provided by a Former Secret Service Agent, Presidential Protection and specializing in Executive Protection Services & Private Security. Our professional team of security consultants will conduct the necessary threat and security or vulnerability assessments and make the appropriate recommendations to mitigate your risks – call or email us now for a free consultation.

VIP, Celebrity & Executive Protection / Bodyguard Services:

• Personal Protection Specialists for Temporary or Permanent Assignments
• Security Guards and Personal Protection
• Stalking Investigations & Assessments
• Bodyguards – Executive Protection Agents – Security Drivers
• Threat Assessments & Vulnerability Assessments
• Estate Security Assessments & Risk Analysis
• Safe Rooms & Security Core Construction
• Technical Surveillance Countermeasures – TSCM – Bug Sweeps & Anti wiretapping
• Security Systems – Design and Installations

Private Air Travel, Secure Transportation, & Armored Car Transportation Services

We have armored vehicles available in most national and international locations that we use in protective assignments as required. Our protective services can include SUV’s and premium luxury vehicles, such as Mercedes, Suburbans, Escalades and Range Rovers that are unable to be easily spotted or identified as armored, yet they provide additional protection for our clients.

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