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IRS 26 CFR § 1.132-5 Working condition fringes explains how corporate executives and high net-worth individuals within a recognized corporate structure may receive exemptions on their extraordinary fringe benefits not provided to other employees if certain conditions exist.

According to the IRS, if a ‘business-oriented security concern’ exists, that company may exclude certain expenditures related to the security and travel of an at-risk employee.

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Unaware to many corporate executives and high-net worth individuals are the tax benefits offered by this section as it relates to security services.

Conditions must exist in order to qualify for these benefits:

-Effect of an independent security study by an independent security consultant – i.e. an IRS 132.5 Assessment conducted by LaSorsa and Associates
-The security study is based on an objective assessment of all facts and circumstances;
-The employer applies the specific security recommendations contained in the security study to the employee on a consistent basis.

Our proven methodology for IRS 132.5 Assessments include:

  • RTVA – Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Estate & Executive Suite Security Assessment Security: An “Overall” Approach
  • Executive Protection & Travel Security 
  • Report and Recommendations

As an independent security consultant, the Independent Security Study provided by LaSorsa and Associates will list ‘reasonable recommendations’ based on industry best practices, leveraging decades of experience and provide the company with the substantial benefit they are seeking to achieve.

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