Professional Security Services for Critical Infrastructures

The Energy Industry:
Pipeline Security Services

Protecting oil and gas construction projects is a critical component to the overall success of the project and company, and crucial to the country’s infrastructure and economy. Our on-site security staff, vehicle check points, gate guards and perimeter patrols monitor for hazards and unsafe conditions while protecting employees and equipment to reduce the risk of operational delays, equipment theft and vandalism.

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The Construction Industry:
Construction Security Services

We cater to the various demands of construction companies’ projects and developments with a security plan that is as thorough as their business plan. Patrols, asset protection and site monitoring ensure each new development or project achieves key performance and incident avoidance goals to reduce risks, impacts, and loss of assets.

LaSorsa and Associates brings decades of experience providing pipeline security services and construction security services to mitigate unnecessary risks that could impact successful operations.
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