‘Leading Security Training Providers Teaming Up to Provide Exceptional Value’

‘Leading Security Training Providers Teaming Up to Provide Exceptional Value’

As an innovative and value-driven training provider, we strive to be on the forefront of the industry in technique and in true benefit to our students. As such, beginning in our October 20-28 9 day comprehensive Executive Protection Training Program, LaSorsa & Associates will be teaming up with Vehicle Dynamics Institute by incorporating their highly acclaimed Protective/Evasive Driving course into the program. Along with the certificates LaSorsa & Associates awards for the various components of the course, students who complete the Protective/Evasive Driving component will be presented with a separate certificate of completion from VDI, providing an even greater training value to an already leading program.

Additionally, the LaSorsa & Associates team of instructors and practitioners will be collaborating with the team at Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute on the continuing evolution of their current EP-related courses, such as their Best Practices for the Solo Practitioner and Surveillance Detection Tactics and Techniques courses. Along with open enrollment options, clients with specific training needs will benefit from the opportunity to have the VDI and LSA teams collaborate on the design, development and delivery of custom training solutions that meet their particular goals and objectives.

9 Day Executive Protection Training Program

“Realistic, Relevant and Valuable” – The 9 Day Executive Protection Program includes double-occupancy hotel accommodations, most meals, all materials/ammo and local ground transportation. The program covers protective fundamentals, medical response certification including CPR/AED/FA and TCCC, firearms proficiency, defensive tactics and now with Protective/Evasive Driving.

For more information on LaSorsa & Associates’ 9 day comprehensive Executive Protection Training program, as well as other training opportunities we offer, visit www.lasorsa.com

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For additional information on courses offered by Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute, to include dates for when their Protective/Evasive Driving training will be offered in conjunction with LaSorsa & Associates courses, visit www.vehicledynamics.com

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