What EP training do I need?

What EP training do I need?

This is a very common question for anyone looking to get into EP or advance their career. Below is my best and honest answer, based on my experiences and professional opinion.

The best way I can suggest to assess what training you will need to make yourself more marketable / valuable is to research the job openings on Linkedin, Indeed, etc. that are of interest to you, and note their required and preferred qualifications/certifications. There is no better way to get a realistic assessment of what hiring entities are looking for. Consider this avoid opinions of training providers – myself included.

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Additionally, you can contact those same companies, and discuss this topic with their recruiters/HR to find out what makes candidates stick out to them during the selection process. This will give you great insight into what can set you apart when applying.

If you are not looking for “high threat” work, avoid investing your time and money (and GI Bill) into “high threat” courses. This should be obvious, but unscrupulous marketing makes me have to say it. Further, even if you are seeking “high threat” work, avoid investing in courses which don’t give you the certs you need to gain employment in that field until you have them, then invest in training to further better yourself, as any professional should.

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Bottom line – Any time spent with rifles and body armor is useless for non-war zone EP. No hiring manager cares to see that. And even further it shows the wrong mindset and/or how you got sold on use-car salesman tactics by schools selling the wrong stuff to industry hopefuls with GI bill funds.

Last word – be cautious of those who disagree with what I said.

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