Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: ‘As Luck would have it…’

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst: ‘As Luck would have it…’

A phrase like this is repeated ad nauseam among our community but it does not really hit home until we understand why, for protective security in particular, this is so vital. No matter how much we plan or how much protective intelligence we utilize, the possibility of an ambush style attack such as this still exists. The most alarming issue, however, is the more we plan and utilize protective intelligence the more we mitigate all predictive incidents, therefore leaving only a worst case ambush style scenario

Protective Operations Training for Today’s World

Protective Operations Training for Today’s World

“Do I need training?” “How much does it cost?” “Who is the ‘best’ provider?” Etc. Etc.

These questions are and always will be rampant throughout the various social media groups as the desire to get into executive protection will always be there. In my opinion, it takes a distinct individual to be successful in protective services, so only the top tier of physical security professionals will survive the jump up to executive protection and there-in lies the problem: the desire is larger than the need. Much like a threat assessment, the fears almost always surpass the reality, (and they should), therefore a pragmatic decision must be made. To mitigate threats, the appropriate level of resources are applied, similarly an appropriate selection must be made regarding employment in this small, niche field.

Vehicle Readiness: Inspection Checklists

Recent discussions in professional groups, such as the Security Driver & Training Facebook group, included recommendations and ideas for putting together a vehicle readiness check list, any input on lessons learned to add to the standard check lists for vehicles, etc.

Below is a list that I have developed for our Defensive & Evasive Driving Course that is both simple and effective for use by protective agents who routinely check their vehicles for optimal readiness, including rental vehicles. 

39 New Executive Protection, Bodyguard, Security Driver & Security Management Jobs

Career opportunities in GA, AZ, NY, NJ, CA, PA, TX, Chicago, Seattle, Wash DC and more.

7 Day EP Program – Miami 11/2-8/5      3 Day EP – Vegas & NY Sept/Oct

Security Consulting – Vegas & NY Sept/Oct       TSCM / Bug Sweeps – Raleigh 8/20-22/15

This post is unrestricted – New job postings are typically restricted to Alumni for the first week in order to grant them early access to the listings – Some posts may be removed if applied to by an Alumni.

5 Important Training Considerations

5 Important Training Considerations


Even though I am an “instructor”, I do my best to train as often as possible, both to challenge and increase my current capabilities and to develop new skills. I do not see myself as an “instructor” but rather a fellow trainer as learning always occurs both ways and those who have had the experience of discussing the topic with me have heard me say “I am looking forward to training with you” or have heard me correct someone who refers to me as their instructor by saying “we have trained together.” A phrase that has stuck with me from early on in my professional career has been “Know enough to know that you don’t know – always a student, always learning.” – JAL

47 New Executive Protection, Corporate Security, Security Driver & Security Management Jobs

Las Vegas, Houston, Austin, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Michigan, Virginia, Baltimore, Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, Charlotte, Palo Alto, San Jose, Orange County, San Francisco, Illinois, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, New York, Atlanta, Wash DC, Maryland, and more

Here is an excerpt from one of the positions:
Training and familiarity in evasive and defensive driving, or security and executive transportation is preferred. CPR, First Aid, AED certification is required.”

Our 7 Day Executive Protection Training Program provides certification in Executive Protection,Medical Response and Defensive & Evasive Driving. Come see why our training is the most realistic, relevant and valuable course offered.

This post is now unrestricted.

23 New Jobs – Executive Protection, Security Driver, Corporate Security Director, etc.

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Training Schedule & Registration Page

Executive Protection Specialist
U.S. Bank – Minneapolis, MN

Executive Protection Agent
Becker Staffing Services – Blue Bell, PA

Executive Protection Security Driver
Theranos – Palo Alto, CA

Executive Protection Specialist
Security Operations Group – Birmingham, AL

Executive Protection Specialist (Security)
AS Solution North America – San Francisco, CA

Physical Security Specialist
Pacific Gas and Electric – Walnut Creek, CA

Global Security Operations Specialist
GDBA, San Francisco 

Security Jobs / Train to Hire
Top Gun Security & Investigations – Houston, TX

Director of Security Intelligence
Kaiser Permanente – Pleasanton, CA

Security Director
Confidential – Henderson, Nevada Area

Protective Services Lead
Square – San Francisco, CA

Vice President Global Corporate Security EMEA (Dubai Based)
MetLife – New York, NY

Principal Security Consultant
iSEC Partners – San Francisco Bay Area

Director of Security
Universal Services of America – Portage, MI

Commercial Security Consultant
Protection 1 Security Solutions – Irving, TX

Protective Agent
Central Intelligence Agency – Washington, DC

Security Specialist-ACSO, GS 12/13 (EX)
Federal Bureau of Investigation – Minneapolis, MN

Global Security Associate Director
EY – Secaucus, NJ

Special Agent
Union Pacific – Pine Bluff, AR

Aegis – Arlington, VA

Aegis – Arlington, VA

Sniper SME/Operations Analyst

Counter Sniper Instructor


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