Many Hiring a Private Detective Prior to the Wedding

In Asia, a country where nine out of 10 marriages are still arranged and modern social pressures are putting the institution under pressure, the Private Detective industry of snooping on lovers has expanded fast over the last five years, say insiders. In one case an investigation by a Private Detective revealed that the groom had recently discovered he was HIV positive. The discovery was made by an attractive female undercover Private Detective sent by the agency, who befriended the groom and found his medicine.

The wedding was eventually called off, like many of cases after a Private Detective finds some incriminating evidence that causes the ceremonies to be put on hold. Many consider a pre-matrimonial investigation prudent because a post matrimonial investigation can be much more costly.

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In some cities, families are relying increasingly on small advertisements in newspapers and websites or specialist dating agencies to find the perfect match for their children. The problem is that everyone exaggerates, or even lies, about their qualities. In the old days many arraigned marriages were between families that might have known each other for years. Now there is an increased risk involved in dealing with strangers.

To bridge the make up for the lack of history a private detectives is used to evaluate potential partners without their knowledge. Information such as their financial position, educational achievements, health and even sexual activities can be verified by a Private Detective. When it comes to Asian marriages, parents are still heavily involved and couples often have too little time to really get to know their prospective spouses, which is why private investigators are being brought in.