I was recently contacted regarding a Yacht Perimeter Security issue.

The yacht Captain was concerned about a recent serious incident where his vessel was boarded by ‘thugs’ and his principals, staff and personnel were injured.

My response is this:
If you are at risk to boarding, then, ‘warning’ of an impending or current intrusion in order to permit reaction and response to a ‘safe room’ to make you and your principals, staff and passengers safe and secure is required.

You can achieve ‘warning and response’ through armed guards strategically positioned around the yacht perimeter or through electronic a yacht wireless perimeter security system and the use of a ‘safe room’.

They are all expensive. Being a yacht owner myself, I do know the meaning of expensive.

Simply said, you can go out and attempt to be more safe and secure or not. The cost and risks are part of the adventure. We can be pro-active and deter or we can discuss it later and say ‘should have’, ‘could have’ as many people do.

Your decision – and cost.

Joe LaSorsa