Advice for Dealing With Reporters

Advice for Dealing With Reporters

At some point in your career, you may be contacted by reporters as a protection agent or as an investigator for information relating to a topic in which you may not want to discuss, or you may be ethically opposed to commenting, or perhaps you are not legally allowed to discuss due to an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Here are some tips on handling these occurrences.

Use What You Have! – 10 Essential iPhone Skills

Use What You Have! – 10 Essential iPhone Skills

I heard a joke recently: imagine someone from 100 years ago time travels to today and asks what people do with handheld devices that give them instant access to almost every bit of data in the world and instant connectivity to anyone globally…and the answer would be ‘we watch cat videos and argue with strangers on social media’…

As funny as that is, what I find not funny is how common it is for people to be unaware of how to use the tools they have. These essential skills apply to iPhone users, but I am sure there are similar tools available to the Junior Varsity team….I mean Android users. 👍🏻 

LaSorsa and Associates Training Scholarship

LaSorsa and Associates Training Scholarship

Announcing a LaSorsa and Associates Contractor Scholarship Program!

Considering the important role that our contractors have played in our continued success, we will be awarding one scholarship for each of the following courses to the most deserving candidates:

-3 Day Executive Protection Agent Training Course 11/2-4/2019

-1 Protective Medical Response Training Course 11/5/2019

-2 Day Protective Firearms and Defensive Tactics Course 11/6-7/2019

This program is intended to give our contractors the opportunity to attend one of the training courses tuition free. Please note that scholarship recipients are responsible for any and all travel related expenses, etc. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, meaning each applicant will be competing with others for the scholarship of their choice. Each award is based on the applicant’s professional experience and their experience with LaSorsa and Associates.

Application Submission Deadline

All applications (to include letter of intent and the applicant’s current resume) MUST be received by no later than 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Sunday September 29, 2019.

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted via email to jml@lasorsa.com

Application Instructions – Letter of Intent:

Each applicant must submit a one page letter to LaSorsa and Associates describing:

  • their professional experiences, experiences with LaSorsa and Associates and training experience
  • motivation for pursuing a career in the protection profession as well as their professional goals and objectives
  • how they believe attending the course they are seeking a scholarship for will help them achieve those goals and accomplish those objectives

For Further Information:

Applicants may submit any questions, or requests for additional information they might have via email to jml@lasorsa.com

Good luck!

How much is a CEO’s time worth?

How much is a CEO’s time worth?

One of the benefits of training with a professional provider is like-minded professionals will be in attendance, augmenting the value of the course through networking opportunities and a professional learning environment. As this is the case, recently in one of our training courses in Las Vegas a great question by a student, Victor Berber, was brought up concerning CEO time as it relates to their pay – how much is their time worth?

LifeHack: How to Leverage Google and Modify Your Search

LifeHack: How to Leverage Google and Modify Your Search

For most tasks, a simple Google search will produce an effective result. However, sometimes it will not, especially when conducting more specialized searches for protective intelligence, etc.

What many people don’t know is that Google has very specific search tools and term modifiers for just about everything you may want to search for or eliminate from your search. So if you’re not getting the results you want from Google, read the tips below to help you get relevant results.