AFAK Options: Ankle First Aid Kit for Protectors

AFAK Options: Ankle First Aid Kit for Protectors

Once we put together everything we want to carry, space and weight come into play – space on our belts, in our pockets, and in our bags is limited and the total weight of all of our kit is a limitation on us. How can we solve the problem?

Enter the AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit).


Ankles are commonly covered and rarely utilized for weapons in a protective context. This allows us to use this space for effective carry of a med kit versus a firearm, while keeping space free on/in our belts/pockets/bags. Here are a few new options I have been testing.

Rescue Essentials Ankle Medical System

This option (shown on the right in the image above) is affordable, comfortable and highly functional. I particularly like the segmented sections which allow the items to wrap around your ankle, increasing comfort and reducing bulk. The molly sections can be used to attach shears or a CAT, etc. if you wish. In this kit I have a SWAT-T, Chest Seal, Band-Aids, AntiSeptic Wipes and Celox Granule Pack in a heavy duty 3×5″ zip lock, a 4″x4yd gauze roll and a Celox Rapid Gauze Pack.

DeSantis Ankle Wallet

This option (shown on top in the image above) is highly elastic, which gives a more adjustability and more security on your ankle. The large pouch easily accommodates a modest med kit and there is a second opening for thinner items. This kit, due to the single pouch, holds a bit less: shown is a SWAT-T, Band-Aids, AntiSeptic Wipes and Celox Granule Pack and a 4″x4yd gauze roll.

As always, our gear is Task, Threat and Environment dependent. Stay gray – JML



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