Use What You Have! – 10 Essential iPhone Skills

Use What You Have! – 10 Essential iPhone Skills

I heard a joke recently: imagine someone from 100 years ago time travels to today and asks what people do with handheld devices that give them instant access to almost every bit of data in the world and instant connectivity to anyone globally…and the answer would be ‘we watch cat videos and argue with strangers on social media’…

As funny as that is, what I find not funny is how common it is for people to be unaware of how to use the tools they have. These essential skills apply to iPhone users, but I am sure there are similar tools available to the Junior Varsity team….I mean Android users. 👍🏻 

Learn how to use MarkUp – Add text and symbols to images or documents and even add your signature.


Get the most out of your Notes app, including Scanning Documents


Use the Files app to sync documents among your Mac, iPad and iPhone


Text Replacements – create text shortcuts that turn into entire phrases, sentences or even paragraphs


Search for keywords on webpages or documents


Customize your control center for easy access to features and apps


Automatically activate Do Not Disturb while driving


Measure Things with the new Measure app


Have your iPhone read to you with Speak Screen


Use 3D Touch and Shortcuts for added features


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