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FITFO University

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In 2015 I attended the LaSorsa & Associates (L&A) Three day Executive Protection (EP) Course in Pamona Ca. It was the first time I met Joe LaSorsa but by the end of the three days I knew that he was someone who had a gift, was going places, and was offering real world training for those in or entering the executive protection and security fields. We struck a cord with each other and I started working for him in the fall of 2015 assisting with what then was the Seven Day Executive Protection program which included three days of EP, a day of medical training, and a three day driving program.

Since then I have assisted in all but one or two courses and have had the ability to see the changes and improvements in the course. It was always a top notch course but the course is consistently evolving to meet the current needs of the practitioner, client, and changes in technology.

In 2017 during an Field Training Exercise (FTX) a new concept was born more by accident and a joke then by intention. During the FTX the two students who were assigned as my detail to pick me up from the Miami Airport and provide transportation and security for the evening. During the text message exchange where they were attempting to meet me for pick up (Never an easy task for anyone assigned as my detail) I told them I needed a Spanish speaking person to facilitate my visit (Well maybe it wasn’t quite worded that way.). When they responded that it might be difficult to get someone at this late time, my response was “FITFO” for those not familiar FITFO stands for figure it the fuck out. They’re reply was “Understood. Handled.” and it was.

I had showed Joe LaSorsa the message, explained the meaning, we had a laugh, and continued on with a very memorable FTX. The two students went out later that night and got FITFO U. tattoos and thus FITFO University was born. Thos two student are Gary Pastor and Mitch Lash who are now L&A cadre, business associates, and two more guys I consider Brothers.

So what is FITFO U and what is it about. FITFO is about getting the job done or as Gunny Highway put it in the movie Heartbreak Ridge “Improvise, adapt, and overcome”. FITFO U alumni don’t lay down, throw in the towel when it gets tough, always look for new ways to accomplish your mission, help each other out, be a professional, and strive to be at the top levels of professionals all bringing similar and different skills, styles, and abilities to the table. FITFO U is the inner circle where you definitely need to have thick skin, be honest with yourself, and you have to earn your place at the table every day. Those of you who are at the table are among the top L&A graduates who have proven themselves by doing or are established professionals in the security field.

I think that the L&A training programs are the best available and the graduates are the best any employer can hire. If you’re in the industry strive to be the best and be able to FITFO for your and your client’s safety and security.

About the Author:

Art Dorst is a former sailor, soldier, EMT, and police officer. He currently operates A. Dorst Consulting & Training Services (www.adorstcts.com), and is a Senior Consultant and Trainer for LaSorsa & Associates (www.lasorsa.com).

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