How to plug a tire – Flat Tire Repair

I got a call yesterday to go help a friend with a flat tire, so this issue is fresh on my mind and I thought I would share. My friend had a nail in the rear left tire and it was quickly going flat. Just about ten minutes from me, I was there in 12 and got it plugged up, brought it back up to correct pressure and they were on their way.

This is a fundamental skill that every driver, especially every security driver, should know how to do. This actually occurred in our Defensive & Evasive Driving Course in Pomona, CA early in the year and it was a great learning point for the class.

I have the exact tire puncture kit in the video below, so I chose it to visually demonstrate the procedure. I would also add the recommended equipment shown below.

How to plug a tire:

  1. Identify the issue and roll the tire so it is accessible.
  2. Prep your plug-insert and other tools. (Pliers or multi-tool, Reamer, Plug-Insert, Rubber Cement and Tire Inflator)
  3. Pull the nail/debris, ream the hole then plug the hole inserting the plug one half of the way into the hole and quickly pulling the plug-insert back out, leaving the plug in place.
  4. Re-inflate the tire to correct pressure.

Recommended Equipment from our AFOLDE Checklist:
MedKit, battery jumper & jumper cables, all device charger attachments, tire puncture kit with inflator, umbrella and disposable rain coats, traffic cones/flares, emergency tool (SwissTech Bodygard)

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.22.16 PM


Tire Plug (Flat Tire) How-To Fix

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