SwissTech Bodygard Evac Tools

SWISS+TECH Bodygard® series of tools enable you to break out side window glass in an instant, slash through inoperable seat belts easily without the danger of getting cut, flash an emergency signal for help, set off a piercing audio alarm, and even light the way with a bright white LED flashlight. These are all quick and easy to do in an emergency with this handy tool. These tools also have a reputation for quality and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Features available in the Bodygard® series of tools include:

-Glass Breaker
-Seat Belt Cutter
-Sonic Alarm
-LED Flashlight
-Red Emergency Flasher
-Tire Pressure Gauge
-Tire Tread Depth Indicator

Additionally, these tools are designed to be visor mounted or fitted with a key ring (both with a quick detach/pull off feature) so it is on your keys. Either option puts the tool in reach and exposed for quick access and immediate use.

BodyGard XL7

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