Corporate Security Consulting

Our ability to review your business from a security viewpoint and to conduct high level, all hazards risk assessment and vulnerability studies distinguishes J. A. LASORSA & ASSOCIATES from other less experienced security agencies. Your security program planning should include everything from your hiring process to your compliance with state and federal regulations. Your company makes significant investments in people, confidential information, business relationships, and other assets. These investments should be protected to secure a return on investment, and what you do about security risk management is one of the most important business decisions you will make.

Issues such as advances in technology that have made so many of today’s business opportunities possible, also make life easier for perpetrators of fraud, identity theft, corporate spying, and computer hacking…even terrorism. Criminals can find your vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. Because of this, the corporate security consultant you choose must have the depth of experience and professionally trained staff to understand and recommend solutions that will work for you and your business and its various locations.