The Case For Growing Your Private Investigative – P.I., Security Or Executive Protection Business And Maximizing Profits

This article is intended to focus directly on the “struggling” P.I., Security or E.P. Business Entrepreneur.

If you see your business as ‘stagnant’ or ‘standing still’; or, if you don’t know when to raise your fees; or, you’re not sure on how and where to market; or you’re not sure as to how to acquire clients; or how to price services; how to deal with clients and customers; and, if you work ‘harder’ and not ‘smarter’……then, read on!

One of the more prolific and most dramatic problems facing this industry’s entrepreneur is transitioning from another field into this one, especially the former law enforcement officer or military personnel transition. Most individuals coming into these businesses are totally unprepared for the transition into the private sector and into the business world!

The majority of them may know how to conduct a criminal investigation or how to handle weapons and secure an installation, etc., but, they’re in a different world here! The private sector is a different animal!

Another issue is lack of proper Capital funding for the start-up business! This is probably the biggest reasons why (9) out of (10) start-up businesses in the U.S. fail every year!

Most start-up Entrepreneurs in our field lack:

• The appropriate Skill Sets and Knowledge Base!
• Knowledge of how to prepare a business plan!
• Business acumen!
• Business management skills!
• Marketing skills!
• Knowledge of industry verbiage!
• Knowledge of how to operate within a budget!
• Knowledge of how to price services!
• Knowledge of business record keeping practices!
• Knowing how to submit Proposals!
• Knowing how to close the deal!
• Knowing how and when to raise fees!
• Knowing when to keep a client and when to let go!
• Knowing how to maintain the proper image!
• Knowing that when times get tough – ‘you don’t sell the conference table!

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