(3) Day Executive Protection Agent Bodyguard Training

J.A. LaSorsa & Associates attempts to keep course costs and fees low in order to afford entry level security personnel an opportunity to obtain quality EP training at an affordable price. We intentionally omit firearms training; CPR and Defensive/Evasive Driver Training from our (3) Day Executive Protection Agent Training Course BECAUSE:

1. Firearms Training can be obtained LESS EXPENSIVIELY on your own, at local firearms ranges with certified firearms instructors.
2. CPR AND Emergency First Aid Training can also be obtained LESS EXPENSIVIELY on your own (consider the Red Cross).

Once an individual is certain he/she wishes to continue in the EP field, then pursuing other courses like CQB (Close Quarters Combat) and Defensive/Evasive Driver Training, as an adjunct to the academics of the concepts and procedures of Protective Operations.

Additionally, those of you who believe prior law enforcement, military or Martial Arts experience alone are necessarily solid experience and background as a basis to operate as Executive Protection Agents – NOT TRUE – unless you have undergone prior specific Executive Protection/VIP training provided by a law enforcement, military or reputable private school/agency.

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In the private sector world, EP Agents typically operate with limited personnel and may have to immediately respond to protectees to quickly move/evacuate them. In that protective scenario, Close Quarters Combat and Martial Arts experience will likely be the least beneficial skills sets working for you! In the millions of hours the Secret Service has been involved with Protection since 1901, there has never been a situation where an Agent has fired his/her firearm in defense during a Protective assignment! It is a highly unlikely scenario where you might be simultaneously evacuating your client and firing your weapon at the same time!

Bottom line, if you’re serious about operating as an EP Agent and understanding what to do and how to do it, consider attending one of my courses or a similar course offered elsewhere with similar academic topics for a similar fee, so you will understand the concepts and procedures of:

HOW to conduct 1) Threat Assessments, 2) Protective Security Advances and 3) setting up Protective Details for various private sector scenarios and situations!

3 Day Executive Protection Agent Training Course Executive Protective Agent / Bodyguard Training Course Content

Course Content – Topics:

  • Executive Protection – Principles & Concepts
  • Residence, Travel and Office Security
  • Assassination Attempts – Types of Assassins
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments (definition and the differences between them)
  • (4 live working Protective Detail exercises)
  • Advance Concepts – Domestic & Foreign Procedures & Guidelines
  • Duties of the Advance Agent
  • Firearm/Weapon Response and Takeaway Procedures (practical exercise)
  • Formations (practical exercise)
  • Protective Detail – Construction
  • Inner, Middle and Outer Perimeter Security – Concepts and Procedures
  • Site Advance (practical exercise)
  • Emergency/Contingency- Planning and Response Procedures
  • Motorcade Operations & Security (practical exercise – location permitting)
  • Armored Vehicle – History & Operations
  • Vehicular Bomb Detection & Sweeps
  • State Licensing Requirements for Executive Protection Services
  • How to get E.P. Jobs
  • How to Successfully Market E.P. Services

The (3) Day Agent Training Course is designed for the novice and is also a great refresher for the seasoned agent. There are (4) live, simulated Protection Detail practical exercises. Training material is provided.

A certificate of attendance is awarded to attendees upon completion.

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Besides Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training, J. A. LaSorsa also provides: Security Expert Witness, Anti-Wiretap and Audio Countermeasures, Consulting, Investigative, Polygraph, Executive Protection Estate & Yacht Security Systems & Consulting, Workplace Violence Training & Intervention.

Most Services also available in Europe, Central and South America.

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