Why should you and I buy American?

Why should you and I buy American?
This is not another patriotic statement without foundation, it just makes sense.

Simply for peace of mind. A label that says “Made in USA” is proof of unsurpassed quality, it says “this is the best there is” Such items are coveted everywhere around the world, but why not in our own country anymore?

In fact, our raw materials and our manufacturing methods remain far superior to the competition. So why settle for anything else? Our future depends on the choices we make now. Companies that once stood as American icons to the eyes of the world are now exporting the manufacturing of goods previously made here in the USA. What is happening to us? Every time we settle for an import we cheat a fellow American out of work. Big corporations are planning on very short term investments. By exporting their business, they save on labor and materials but sacrifice quality. When Americans go broke who will by the imports? Certainly not the people who produce them. A strong economy makes a strong country, it is very simple: if person A can work, person A does not have to resort to crime to feed his family.As more and more jobs go overseas, we can expect a rise in violent crimes. Our country will be made of a very few rich people and a lot of very poor people, just like a third world country.

The objective here is not to name a certain nation or to point out specific companies.( just go to any large retailer, pick up anything under $50.00 and read the label) Furthermore, we are not urging anybody to boycott anything that is not made in the USA. The truth is,competition is healthy ,it forces us to improve ,and sometimes there is no going around it: Some things are simply not made here at all. But for two items of the same nature, please demand “Made in USA” if you re tired of living in a “disposable” world.
There are two forms of terrorism. The one that we are unfortunately familiar with targets our way of life to weaken our economy. The other kind has a longer lasting effect, because of its slow nature it is almost invisible. This type of terrorism targets our economy directly. How can we compete with governments that offer 500% savings on labor and materials? Human rights are not respected in those countries. Privately owned companies do not exist. Our money is used to build armies or fund a space program. if we do not want to sell our way of life, we need to wake up and fight back. We need to work harder and whenever possible WE NEED TO BUY AMERICAN!