The Demise of the American Empire

Our Gov’t is bailing out the mortgage/banking industry in an effort to save a failing economy. It strikes me how we citizens, tacitly accept the dysfunctional Gov’t we have serving us!

The Gov’t never fails to come in and save the day! Except they always seem to do it by placing a band aid on a large arterial wound! Can’t these people ever try to be pro-active!!!

Washington doesn’t seem to get it – we need to turn our economy around, and I mean around – not just plug holes in the dyke! The band aid fixes are great, but for the past 25-30 years, we have witnessed the transformation of our society from a industrial/manufacturing base to a intellectual, service based society.

Over the years, during all the Presidential Campaigns I was involved with as a Secret Service agent, politicians keep speaking of how they will change things, improve education, socialize health care, create incentives to bring back US companies so Americans can have their jobs back, etc., but, what about the answer to the question we should all be asking: HOW?????

Reduce taxes on the middle class? Tax the rich? Tax businesses? Continue creating more social programs for the derelicts of our society who refuse to work and abuse the welfare, food stamp and Medicare programs? Bail out the mega companies who created their own problems and demise through their own greed?

No, they never address the real question of how to bring America back to what we used to be – A world industrial and technological power!

What we have now at this juncture is a diminished agricultural capability and of course, our powerful Military superiority! What happens when we lose those two things?

I ask that because, no matter what band aid fixes Congress and the President (and that means any President, past, present or future) apply to our failing economy and our weak dollar – they cannot and probably will not address the issue of getting US Companies to come back to the US, because, simply said, the companies will not come back. It would be financial suicide. The cost of American unionized labor has knocked American workers out of race for the limited amount of industrial/manufacturing jobs still left in the US to be had. The availability of illegal workers and the scarcity of jobs make it a total and complete employment disaster! Made in Japan had a bad connotation to it when we were growing up! Today, practically every consumer goods we use on a daily basis is made in another country. We don’t hardly produce anything anymore! What part of this do we think is good???

And, the sad point is politicians in DC have seen this coming for years! And yet, what is their main concern? As always, it is re-election. Say what you have to say to be re-elected!

However, once we lose our ability to feed ourselves – then we will not be able to sustain ourselves as a Military Power any longer!

Then, just like Empires throughout history, we will fall!

We should be smarter than that, shouldn’t we? After all, we’re Americans.

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