Emergency Comms: SkyRoam Solis, Garmin InReach, Iridium Go

Emergency Comms: SkyRoam Solis, Garmin InReach, Iridium Go

The Skyroam Solis, Garmin InReach Mini, and Iridium Go are three distinct devices designed to keep you connected in remote areas or while on the move, albeit in different ways.

Below is a comparison of these products based on various aspects:


• Skyroam Solis: Primarily functions as an international Wi-Fi hotspot, offering solid LTE speeds globally. It supports up to 10 simultaneous connections, allowing multiple devices to connect .
• Garmin InReach Mini: This device can send messages via your cellular network when available and defaults to the Iridium satellite network when cellular is not available. It also facilitates GPS tracking and basic navigation .
• Iridium Go: Designed as a satellite communicator for expeditions, hikers, and mariners, it can connect up to five devices to its hotspot, supporting satellite communications including talk, text, and data .

Portability and Design:

• Skyroam Solis: Known for its compact, portable design, and is described as a convenient solution for travelers needing reliable internet access .
• Garmin InReach Mini: Extremely compact and lightweight at a mere 3.5 ounces, making it a good choice for those wanting to minimize carry weight .
• Iridium Go: Also lightweight and portable, designed for individuals on the move, especially those on expeditions or maritime activities .


• Skyroam Solis: Provides fast and reliable internet connectivity with a long-lasting battery life of up to 16 hours of continuous usage .
• Garmin InReach Mini: Besides messaging, it offers GPS tracking, basic navigation, and weather forecasting. It has an extended battery life with the ability to charge via USB-C .
• Iridium Go: Facilitates many day-to-day services albeit with limited capabilities, but is particularly useful for off-grid communication .

Cost and Subscription:

• Skyroam Solis: Offers various data plans and is noted for its more expensive price point but with the benefit of unlimited 4G and LTE data .
• Garmin InReach Mini: Requires a subscription plan starting at $11.95 per month for the annual ‘Safety’ plan .
• Iridium Go: The device itself is priced around $799 with the necessity of subscription plans for full functionality .


• Skyroam Solis: Ideal for international travelers, digital nomads, and individuals needing reliable internet access across multiple countries .
• Garmin InReach Mini: Suitable for adventurers who venture in and out of the backcountry, needing communication and basic navigation tools .
• Iridium Go: Beneficial for individuals in remote areas, on expeditions, or maritime activities requiring off-grid communication solutions .

These devices cater to different needs and preferences, with Skyroam Solis focusing on global internet connectivity, Garmin InReach Mini on communication and basic navigation, and Iridium Go on satellite-based communication in remote areas.

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