What is TSCM?

What is TSCM?

A growing risk due to technological advancements, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (aka bug sweeps) is a process which protects against a serious concern for those with valuable or proprietary information or other at-risk individuals who need to protect their private information.

TSCM is a systematic process to investigate an area for various audio and/or video devices that could be used to intercept information through technical means. Basically, TSCM is a ‘bug sweep’ – a sweep or check of an area primarily looking for electronic devices which listen or look where they shouldn’t be listening or looking.

This sounds complicated – how is this accomplished? This service is accomplished through a trained technician using specified equipment to exploit certain characteristics of the ‘bugs’ themselves in order to identify and locate them. In example, if a ‘bug’ is transmitting, the signal can likely be discovered and located through technological processes. Additionally, these devices physically exist, so a trained technician can know where to look for them.

Some primary equipment that is used are Frequency Spectrum Analyzers (FSA), Field Strength Meters (FSM), Thermal imagery equipment.

FSA – a very good unit is the OSCOR Green from Research Electronics International. You can read more about it here: https://reiusa.net/rf-detection/oscor-green-spectrum-analyzer/

Another favorite FSA of ours is the Signal Hound BB60C paired with the Kestrel software. A very functional and affordable option, more information here: https://kestreltscm.com

As for an FSM, we really like the REI ANDRE, which is very versatile, portable and user friendly. You can read about everything it does here: https://reiusa.net/rf-detection/andre-deluxe-near-field-detection-receiver/

For thermals, you really can’t beat FLIR. We like the E series of imagers, more info here: https://www.flir.com/instruments/ex-series/

flir TSCM

There is a lot of good info out there about TSCM, and a lot of bad. If you are interested in learning more, consider our TSCM Course: https://www.lasorsa.com/technical-surveillance-counter-measures-course/ and you can learn more about our TSCM / Bug Sweep services here: https://www.lasorsa.com/tscm-bug-sweeps/

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