EDC Fixed Blade Options

EDC Fixed Blade Options

Knives are fantastic, irreplaceable tools that have a multitude of purposes from daily tasks to self-defense. Here we are discussing options for every day carry fixed blade knives.

Below we have options varying in price, blade length and style. As with any tool, there is no perfect option for all uses, so having options to match your intended task, threat and environment is important. Below we ordered these knives by price, started with the least expensive.

mtech neck knife

MTech MT-673
A ridiculously inexpensive option at $10 on Amazon, this blade makes a great utility knife and a great stocking stuffer. The very knife has a small blade and small grip, which makes it less desirable as a self defense option, but it could be in capable hands. The sheath also gives you many options – neck carry as it comes, or attach a clip, or even some paracord to loop around your belt and stuff it.


schrade edc


Schrade SCHF14
A great inexpensive option at $35 that has the size and features of a great all-around knife. Useful for self defense and survival, but not necessarily the best option for everyday box cutting, etc. The sheath is great, and gives many options for concealment with an added clip (I added a discreet carry concepts clip, shown in the featured photo) A thick, wide blade may not be your best options as a fighting blade, and it certainly will need some attention to the edge as it does not come very sharp.


CRKT Utsidihi edc Fixed Blade Knife

CRKT Utsidihi EDC
If you are looking for a minimalist option, here you go. This blade has a great length and design for a wide variety of uses and fighting styles. CRKT does a great job with this one, it comes ready to go out of the box for only $50 on Amazon. The weight and the sheath are also great for EDC and a variety of carry styles. The downside is the minimalist design in that the paracord grip might not be what you are looking for.


Benchmade socp

Benchmade SOCP
Expertly designed for concealment and as a self-defense blade, the SOCP offers retention, concealment, and quick access. The skeletonized design saves in weight but some may want a more substantial handle. I would strongly recommend the combo which comes with the trainer, and reviewing the SOCP materials and videos on the intended applications of this setup. The blade, sheath and trainer combo is around $150


colonel blades nco full bird edc

Colonel Blades NCO
This is a very interesting blade design that offers many benefits – the pistol like grip offers a familiar draw stroke and the grip/blade angle enables a punching motion. Many designs have the drawback of grip and retention, but not this knife. The grip angle also allows for easy concealment. The company also sells a blunt trainer for this which is great for getting used to the different style of this blade. The blade and sheath, if you can find them in stock, are usually around $150.



Bawidamann BB Huginn edc

Bawidamann Huginn
This is a very well rounded blade design, large enough for self defense and for survival uses. Excellent craftsmanship and steel makes it a unique piece and there are many options for blade finished that many might enjoy. The sheaths come in many styles, even with spare mag carriers attached (see website) but that will add to the $325 for the blade.


toor haley darter edc fixed blade knife

Toor Knives Darter
A collaborative project between Toor Knives and Haley Strategic Partners, the Darter is designed to be an all around EDC knife with a combination of features that are unusual in a blade making this a favorite among knife aficionados. The length, blade with and handle design make a great fighting knife, with the sheath offers many options for concealment. The craftsmanship is superb, and the blade design offers serrations on the back to enhance fighting/utility surfaces but saves on a double edged blade designation, keeping it 50 state legal. A bit more expensive at $395, but when you consider the workmanship hours that go into these blades with all of these features, plus it comes with a trainer, it is a great value.


HeadHunter blades Rat training package edc fixed blade

HeadHunter Rat
From the Sayoc Kali training brand comes what many consider the most purpose-designed fighting knife for EDC, the Rat design my Harley Elmore. From the grip which is designed to maximize the speed and consistency of the draw stroke, to the particulars of the blade which make for a perfect single-edged CQB fighting knife, the Rat is considered the ‘standard’ for this type of blade. The blade is not well suited for many survival tasks, not is the size ideal for other uses, but for those looking for a concealable fighting blade, start here. The blade, sheath, and trainer are sold as a package for $500+


If you are interested in fixed blade EDC knives, we hope this helped give you some ideas.

50 state knife laws

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