Surveillance Detection Primer – Online Seminar

Surveillance Detection Primer – Online Seminar

Surveillance Detection is a critical component of any counter surveillance effort and an important aspect for executive protection, static security, force protection, critical infrastructure security, gate guards, etc. virtually all security providers to understand.

This online, instructor-led seminar is designed to be a primer for any who are interested in surveillance detection. You will learn the fundamentals we (LaSorsa and Associates) employ in personal protection to keep our clients safe, secure and successful. No theory, no ‘from a textbook’ lecture…you will learn how we do it in our own unique way.

Covered topics include:
• Counter Surveillance, defined
• The attack cycle
• Types of hostile surveillance
• Surveillance detection fundamentals
• Map and route planning
• Activity reporting
• Emergency planning
• In-class exercise

This seminar is expected to last 90-120 minutes. The cost of the seminar is $95. See our Training Schedule and Locations here: https://www.lasorsa.com/training-schedule-registration/

Register Here: https://forms.gle/91W2pUmtdXUu61n88

Let me know if you have any questions – jml@lasorsa.com

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