Security Industry Observations and Tips

Security Industry Observations and Tips

A few observations while supervising a local static site security event during the overnight shift:

1: Security personnel always want to be paid more but often don’t deserve the money they are being paid. They have no training, education or experience that would warrant additional compensation. They show up late, dressed inappropriately, can’t stay on post, can’t follow simple directions, complain, and genuinely do absolutely nothing and wonder why they aren’t making more money.

2: If you are so lazy that you can’t stay awake, alert and attentive to a small area for a 12 hour shift, you should look elsewhere for employment. This field simply isn’t for you. The bad news is if you can’t do something this simple, you probably can’t do much else either.

3: Your food/water/coffee and weather appropriate clothing are your responsibility. No one else’s. Come prepared or don’t come at all

4: Always have a flashlight. Period. Day or night. If you work in security you should have a flashlight with you.

5: Each job or detail is an interview for the next. Put your best foot forward, show up early, be dressed and ready to go and do what is asked of you. Failure to do any of that will likely result in your termination or you not being given more work in the future.

6: Sleeping while you are being paid to secure something or someone is never acceptable. If you can’t stay awake, why should you be paid?

7: If you can’t protect yourself, what makes you think you can protect others? Physical fitness and self protection training are minimum requirements for anyone working in security. If you don’t have either, you should reconsider your chosen profession.

8: Not every assignment is sexy. Not every assignment is fun. Being well rounded and able to handle various types of security assignments will only help you secure additional work and keep food on your table. Leave your ego at home. I’ve managed multi million $ security projects and I’ve stood guard in a parking lot. It’s all $ and it helps me pay my bills. No shame in working for less when the alternative is staying home and making nothing.

If you are new to the industry read and take note. If you are not new but think you know it all because you’ve been around 20+ years, read it twice.

Stay safe.


Adam Scholl is a former Law Enforcement Officer and Instructor with the United States Department of Defense. Adam has also worked extensively in the private security and close protection field for many years.

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