Executive Protection Training Review

Executive Protection Training Review

From the AS Solution Blog: From the insurance industry to a career in executive protection – It’s all about customer service

Interviewer’s question: That sounds like a good start, but it’s all entry-level security jobs. How did you break into executive protection?

“I knew if I was going to advance my career and eventually obtain the kinds of opportunities that I wanted, I would have to go through a well-respected executive protection training course. I did my due diligence and read great reviews about Lasorsa and Associates’ Executive Protection Training Course taught by Joe Lasorsa, Jr. I did my first course there.

During this course, Joe opened my eyes. He made it extremely clear that despite me not having a military or law enforcement background, I could still go for a good career in the executive protection and security industries. He showed us that the hard skills still play a huge role in executive protection and that these can always be learned and improved upon.  But he also advised me that customer service, soft skills, and personability are much more important than all the hard skills.

The course made me realize that executive protection is so much more than escorting a client. I learned that it also requires great attention to the nitty-gritty and sharp analytical skills to plan security details.  I learned that it takes quite a bit of intelligence to be an executive protection agent and that what we do is so much more than the stereotypes that portray us goons with guns and a combat-ready mentality, with zero preparedness and no plan.

At the beginning of the course I was nervous about my lack of experience and felt that the other classmates were somehow better than me; by the end of the course, I was one of the leaders and others were looking to me for answers when it came to working with apps and computers and planning advances.

Joe’s training program was realistic, relevant and valuable. It prepared me for the real-life situations that I now face every day, including how to boost productivity for the client and proactively tackle common, everyday tasks such as planning trips with advances and logistics, setting up electronics, answering phones, sending emails, and sometimes acting as a property manager, etc. This course is where I realized that my background in the health insurance industry could actually be a plus and help set me apart.”

Read the full article here: https://assolution.com/blog/from-the-insurance-industry-to-a-career-in-executive-protection-its-all-about-customer-service/

Max Montoya

Max Montoya is a focused, results-driven professional who transitioned into security after a successful stint in the insurance industry, where his responsibilities included customer service and risk analysis. Max began his career in protective security by providing close protection and secure driving for a number of high net worth clients, with an emphasis in effective procedures, efficient operations, and productive team management. A strategic leader who excels in security program development, implementation, and management, Max has strong communication skills and is adept in building relationships with clients, partners, supervisors, and team members. In addition to his college education, Max has successfully completed a number of executive protection and medical training courses.

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