EDC Flashlights for Security and Self-Defense

EDC Flashlights for Security and Self-Defense

As with many of us, the search for the next best piece of gear is never ending. However, it is nice to hear feedback from other’s experiences with gear in order to save money and time. This article shares some insight on the writer’s favorite set of options for an EDC Flashlight.

High, medium and low options:

High: Surefire EDCL2-T Dual-Output LED Everyday Carry Flashlight

This light is a fantastic option due to the dual-output utility. Unlike other lights with complicated clicks to switch modes, this light has a ‘light press’ and ‘heavy press’ tail switch for momentary on with a twist for constant on. This allows you to use the light for general purpose in a low mode, saving battery and avoiding blinding yourself. (high mode is an incredible 1,200 lumens…) Then, when you want to light up the dark side of the moon, this light has you covered with a powerful high mode.

Read more: https://www.surefire.com/illumination/flashlights/everyday-carry-flashlight-edcl2-t.html

Medium: Streamlight PROTAC® 1L-1AA FLASHLIGHT

This light has the benefit of small size and weight while maintaining a very useful output of 350 lumens when using a CR123. The unique features and benefits of this light are it can also use a standard AA battery and although it comes with three modes to click through, you can program it to one mode – making it even better when set to high mode only, IMO. The tail switch is a very useful momentary on and with a deliberate press-click, constant on.

Read more: https://www.streamlight.com/en/products/detail/index/protac-1l-1aa

Low: 5.11 TMT® PLX PENLIGHT Style# 53028

For general purpose and a true EDC that you will forget is in your pocket, go with the 5.11 TMT. This light has enough output for general purposes, and due to the AAA batteries, it is very thin, making it easy to carry every day. It also has a subtle bezel so it will not wear out a hole in your dress pants. The tail switch is also the very useful momentary on and with a deliberate press-click, constant on.

Read more: https://www.511tactical.com/tmt-plx-penlight.html

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