5 Tips for Contracting Professionals: Optimizing Your First Impression

5 Tips for Contracting Professionals: Optimizing Your First Impression

As many have seen a great deal of success in the contracting world, running their own business or performing ‘freelance’ security work, many others struggle to gain traction in the same. Here are some tips from seasoned professionals who have had success contracting and subcontracting security services.

The sayings are devastatingly true: first impressions are lasting impressions and you only get one chance at a first impression. So how can we can contracting professionals take advantage of this and maximize our chances of seizing every opportunity? Consider these 5 tips.

Guide to Contracting and Subcontracting Security Services

Have a digital copy of everything.

In today’s professional world, hard copies are simply not going to cut it. Have a PDF (portable data file) copy of your resume, certificates/certifications and credentials and have them ready to go in a moments notice. Have them accessible and shareable on your mobile device to be able to send them from anywhere, anytime. Also have a professional headshot and all photo along with a plain text version of your experience, some biographical information and a list of your credentials, licenses and certifications, etc. ready to be pasted into an email, PPT or any other medium that may be requested.

Optimize your social presence.

If you are not on LinkedIn and Facebook in some capacity you are missing out immensely. It is a huge benefit to make your location and capabilities known to others through ‘content marketing’ – sharing local insight in a clever way on social media so others make the connection with that location and you. When most people look for vendors and associates to share work with, they consider their online presence. If you don’t have one, it makes people think you are hiding something. Conversely, if your online presence is too abundant that can also be a negative. Lastly, ensure you keep it professsional, however keep in mind Facebook is a personal network and LinkedIn is strictly professional – I should be able to see your professional info on LinkedIn and have a subtle insight into ‘who you are’ on Facebook.

Have a presentable photo.

Most requests include a desire for a professional photo. Mostly, this does not mean that you have to have a professional headshot, but that never hurts. Have a full profile and headshot in professional attire that is a presentable image of yourself, not a selfie and not a photo of you at a party, etc.

Keep your information current.

Your resume and online information should be kept current as when you need it, you’ll likely need it ASAP and taking a few hours to update it may knock you out of the runnings for that detail.

Follow instructions.

Respond quickly, respond professionally and do what they ask. If an email POC (point of contact) is provided, do not send a message on social media and expect to get picked. Ensure you respond via the requested medium with all requested info and ONLY if you qualify, are interested and available.

Good luck! Stay gray. – JML

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Joseph M. LaSorsa, CPP® is currently a senior partner managing and conducting: Protective Operations Training Courses, Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services, Risk Management Consultations & Seminars, Security Expert Witness Testimony, Workplace Violence Prevention Seminars & Intervention Services, Security Consultations & Seminars, Private Investigations and Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures with LaSorsa & Associates – an International Protection, Investigations & Consulting Firm.


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