Fixed Blade EDC

Fixed Blade EDC

There is a growing trend in concealed carry called the ‘dual weapon’ or ‘secondary weapon’ mindset, and it is growing with good reason. Considering the speed and simplicity of employment along with the reliability, carrying another weapon in the form of a fixed blade EDC along with your firearm is an extremely valid addition to your EDC kit.

“Not every encounter or engagement is going to be a static target 25 yards away. Most attacks happen within what’s called the combatives bubble.” Scott Witner, from the The Loadout Room.

First, make sure you check the knife laws in your state prior to committing to an EDC knife. Next, find a suitable option.

An option I have found to be highly effective and an incredible value is the Schrade SCHF14 with a full tang, 3.4″ drop point blade, 7.9″ overall length and G-10 handle. The kydex holster needs only an IWB clip and you can make the rig shown above for less than $40. Shown below (note: mirrored image) the employment from an AIWB position is incredibly quick, simple and consistent.


The Loadout Room has a ton of great information on this; be sure to check out these links:

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Instead of explaining in text how and why the dual weapon employment is so effective, let’s go to Kyle Defoor with Defoor Shooting Proformance who has a great video demonstrating the speed of employing a knife within the ‘combatives bubble.’

edc fixed blade knife gif


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