Blue Lives Matter LEO & K9 Trauma Kits

Blue Lives Matter LEO & K9 Trauma Kits

As a show of support for law enforcement and to fill a critical need, this initiative is intended to gain support in order to donate trauma kits for LEOs and K9s – donate with the links below to order a kit with postage to your choice of PD, or we can donate it for you.

Once ordered, please provide instructions on whether you would like us to donate it for you (with confirmation) or if you would like to receive the kit directly to make the donation yourself.

ipak lasorsa

Donate a LEO Trauma Kit

Kit Contents – Click here

k9 trauma kit

Donate a K9 Trauma Kit

Kit contents:
Drop-leg Pouch, 4″ ETD, SWAT-T, Celox Rapid Z-Fold Gauze, Celox Rapid Rolled Gauze, 2 x 5″x9″ ABD Gauze Pads, VetBond Tissue Adhesive, VetTape Elastic Bandage (NoChew), Hydration tablets, IR Ear Thermometer, Liquid Bandage, 25mg diphenhydramine w/ pill-gun, 8oz 3% Hydrogen Peroxide w/ oral syringe (to induce vomiting and for cleansing), Saline Solution for eyewash/earwash/cleansing, Splinter Forceps

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