Workplace Violence Awareness & Prevention – The Circuit

Workplace Violence Awareness & Prevention – The Circuit

Workplace violence has quickly become a growing concern for employees across America with good reason given the recent incidents and published statistics. As many as two million workers report having experienced workplace violence each year according to BLS within their Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries; of the 4547 fatal workplace injuries reported in 2010, 506 of them were workplace homicides.

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Workplace Violence Awareness & Prevention Training


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Joseph M. LaSorsa, CPP® is currently employed as a senior partner managing and conducting: Protective Operations Training Courses, Executive Protection & Bodyguard Services, Risk Management Consultations & Seminars, Workplace Violence Prevention Seminars & Intervention Services, Security Consultations & Seminars, Private Investigations and Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures with LaSorsa & Associates – an International Protection, Investigations & Consulting Firm.

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