Behavior Analysis – “What evil shows before they go”

Behavior Analysis – “What evil shows before they go”

by Craig Biswell

In my world we watch, monitor, report and resolve behaviors. In the PPO world we must move and communicate and be observant, thus keeping our principal safe. People with bad intentions will do everything available to succeed in their mission of destruction. Our job is to be proactive and vigilant to that threat. Much like a football team’s defense must be vigilant of the offenses’ attack on them. To mitigate or eliminate that threat is paramount. This follows your primary goal of moving and protecting your principal.

Individuals or groups with mal-intent are real in our world today. San Bernardino come to mind? These people are political, haters or have a grudge with your principal. All will exhibit behaviors to their ill will. Learning to spot these clues can thwart a disaster with your detail and principal. Behaviors mixed with bad individuals can be obvious or subtle. This can be as simple as rapid eye scanning of a room, to a large coat with hands hidden, to micro expressions on one’s face.

If this is new to some of you, there are many books, videos and online classes on this topic. Paul Ekman has some excellent video training available. He and others have books on facial expressions and lying as well.

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Whether in a crowded gala, a business meeting or a public event, there’s always behaviors and potential threats lurking nearby. In regards to our principal’s safety, the advance team is vital. How does this relate to behavior analysis? By doing all of the preliminary assessments, thus gaining a wealth of knowledge for your detail. Observing for surveillance activities prior to the event is important, especially if the principal is a political figure. Weather, event size, type of crowd, locale and the purpose of the event can give preliminary behavior clues. Is this event at a club, with drunken people, haters and competition? A high stakes corporate meeting involving millions in contracts, jealousy and greed? Or a speech/meet and greet with the public, thus having potential for assassination or a destructive device? Remember this as well; all Concentric Circles are vital and vulnerable. This preliminary assessment is important, yet nothings perfect. One must have situational awareness and teamwork to be successful in getting your principal home safe.

Each detail size will determine your level of observance area. Whether one or twenty-one it can be done albeit challenging with one. Your driver can assist in observing arrival and departure times for any out of normal behaviors. Here’s another thought , if your detail can have a rover/gunman this can be an important tool for your event. By not being directly tied to the principal movement team, he can blend in the crowd, thus observing undetected on the whole venue. The rover can ID shadowing of the principal or the setting up of destructive devices. Working with the main detail, both can be alert of any threats.

I’ve covered just some basic thoughts here. Research and do your homework. Communicate with your team, do recon and stay vigilant! Be aware of your baseline environment. Ask yourself, “Is this person or thing normal for this venue?” Eyes, hands and clothing are things to observe in your work.

Be safe, be aware and get your principal there and back.

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