Gear Review: Precision Holsters

“I came across the mention [of Precision Holsters] in one of your LinkedIn posts after 2330 hrs one night this year, and immediately sent them an email requesting product information and availability.

By 1100 hrs next date, I had received an email back from them and within 30 minutes and two more emails, was told that they would be happy to make one up for me, as they didn’t have one in stock.


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Five days later, I received it and one day after that, was wearing it on an out of state driving job; jeans to suits, 15-18 hours a day, for six days.

Returned from that trip and for the next 16 days, wore Precisions’ holster 15-19 hours a day, while driving over 3000 miles doing FBO airport runs, transporting business clients and families, escorting clients into and out of social events, wearing it with jeans, 5-11’s and suits, and sitting in a vehicle 3-4 hours at a time. Very comfortable to wear even after 15 hours. Only thing I changed was adding mole skin to the rear of holster. I even had my guys checking to see if I was carrying as the “print” was hard to notice. I would “Highly Recommend” Precision Holsters. Their customer service is excellent, with extremely fast turn around, even making mine up from scratch.



How many companies are going to make a product up from scratch, for a customer they have never met or done business with, based on a set of emails. I came away very impressed and plan on being a long time customer, even my guys are looking at them.

Thanks again!”

Precision Holsters


Jim G.

Lexington, Kentucky Area Security and Investigations: Providing secure, discreet logistics and transportation for select clients, their staffs, and families.
Kentucky Executive Transportation Inc., International

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