Sygic GPS Navigation Review

In this review, we will discuss the Sygic GPS Navigation App which has incredibly detailed worldwide maps, live updates including speed cameras, accidents and traffic as well as a HUD and cockpit features. (And it is currently 70% off)

sygic gps

As a frequent traveler, I utilize a GPS the overwhelming majority of the time I am driving somewhere, and also use it for planning purposes. This app has been especially useful because of the additional features it has that I have not found on other apps, additionally the maps are particularly useful because of the advanced detail and even live-view of POIs. Below is a description of the features available in this app.

World-Wide Maps with Incredible Detail, Available Offline with an Available Lifetime License

Navigate anywhere, without internet – navigation always works, whether or not you have wireless coverage. And because a precise map isn’t always enough, beautiful 3D landmarks, buildings, parks and mountains, help you find your bearing in unfamiliar areas, making it both practical and enjoyable.

sygic gps view

Turn-by-Turn Navigation with Automatic Rerouting

Drive with confidence with your Premium lifetime license. Timely turn indicators with precise distance to each maneuver will guide you to your destination. If you miss a turn our smart algorithm will immediately recalculate to get you back on your way.

Lane Assistant & Junction Views

You don’t have to worry when navigating a complicated junction with Premium lifetime license. Our Dynamic Lane Assistant moves as you go and clearly shows the right lane to be in.

Voice Guidance with Spoken Street Names – Celebrity Voices Available

Don’t take your eyes of the road and stay safe with your Premium lifetime license. Instead focus all your attention on driving, while following the continuous spoken turn-by-turn instructions.

Speed limits & Safety warnings

Protect your wallet from unnecessary fines, with speed limit warnings in your Premium lifetime license. Get clear audio-visual warnings if your foot gets too heavy on the gas pedal.

sygic HUD

Head-up Display

Stay safe when driving at night. Project navigation directly into your line of sight, onto the windshield of your car. Process information faster and keep your attention on the road. See all important instructions, such as turn arrows, distance to the next turn, current speed and speed limit, speed camera warnings and ETA. No standalone devices or accessories needed.


Record what’s happening on the road ahead of you. Share videos or use as evidence in case of accident. First dashcam that records even while you are navigating and automatically saves video in case of crash. Each video contains GPS coordinates, your speed, time and date. No standalone devices or accessories needed.

Live Services

Combined power of Real-Time Traffic and Mobile Speed Camera Warnings. Live Traffic. Save time and money. Find the quickest route to your destination based on live road conditions. Your route will be constantly corrected based on real-time traffic conditions. When delays appear on the route you will be automatically rerouted to faster route.

sygic family

Family Locator app keeps your family secure & connected

See the location of all family members on the map and stay in touch with instant messages. In case someone gets lost, tapping an SOS button will immediately send you its exact GPS location. Set safe and unsafe zones on the map and get notifications by Geo-Fence.

sygic cockpit

Cockpit View

This feature gives you a real time view of G forces applied to the vehicle, as well as incline and tilt features.


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