Workplace Violence Awareness & Prevention

Workplace violence has quickly become a growing concern for employees across America with good reason given the recent incidents and published statistics. As many as two million workers report having experienced workplace violence each year according to BLS within their Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries; of the 4547 fatal workplace injuries reported in 2010, 506 of them were workplace homicides.
Unfortunately, our society is unforgivingly reactive. Most companies only react to incidents that get a lot of publicity, and even then many do not enact any changes at all once the dust settles. The preventative aspect is missing.

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Technology Vs. Ballistics – The Modern Day Protector

In today’s world, we have more capabilities and with more efficiency than ever before. Everyone has a smartphone with internet, email, a hi-def camera and many more features. All of these however, exponentially increase threats and the self-imposed risks of your principal. Everything is a give and take, and nothing is free – they enable us, they hinder us.

Linked below is an article where we have compiled some of the apps and technology we discuss in our 3 Day Executive Protection Agent Training Course in the Technology vs Ballistics module.

Kanye’s stage crasher explains how he got past security

This is a great example of a social engineering penetration and a valuable lesson: Remember – “The human element is the greatest asset…and the weakest link.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jonathan Hordle/REX Shutterstock (4883597cc)  Lee Nelson and Kanye West  Glastonbury Festival, Britain - 27 Jun 2015
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jonathan Hordle/REX Shutterstock (4883597cc)
Lee Nelson and Kanye West
Glastonbury Festival, Britain – 27 Jun 2015

Church Security & Protecting Religious Figures

In the aftermath of the church shooting in Charleston, religious organizations across the country are looking for ways to protect their parishioners. Unfortunately, deadly shootings and other violent crimes have disproportionately increased for churches and other religious establishments, driving the leaders to increase their preparedness for the unthinkable. Thankfully, the thought of “It won’t happen to us” has begun to shrink in their minds, and reality and statistics have begun to influence their decisions.


Below are some of the most critical aspects of protecting religious figures.

Tips, Techniques & Considerations While Working a Solo Detail

Last week, I polled several online groups for their requests on what type of post they would like to see. Based on the responses, the most frequent was ‘working details in a solo capacity.’ Below are some important considerations that will dramatically increase your ability in providing smooth, unobtrusive and effective protective services while working alone.