SwissTech Bodygard Evac Tools

SWISS+TECH Bodygard® series of tools enable you to break out side window glass in an instant, slash through inoperable seat belts easily without the danger of getting cut, flash an emergency signal for help, set off a piercing audio alarm, and even light the way with a bright white LED flashlight. These are all quick and easy to do in an emergency with this handy tool. These tools also have a reputation for quality and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Investigative and Intelligence Services for Alumni

As a courtesy to our Alumni, we will be offering our investigative services* at ‘no-profit’ rates in order to enable effective information gathering and intelligence development to those with limited resources. No results = no fee.

Contact us for more information on other services: Surveillance, Due Diligence, Business Intelligence, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, Consulting, Safe Rooms, Expert Witness.

Invoices, Reports & Contracts

Drafting documents can be tricky, time consuming and expensive. However, there is no reason to re-invent the wheel. As we try to facilitate our graduates in their endeavors, attached below are the typically inquired about forms and documents. Also see our ‘Careers’ page for an NDA, non-compete and other subcontractor forms and documents.

Gear Review – The North Face ‘Recon’ Back-Pack

As a recovering 12-stepper when it comes to gear, I am extremely particular and demanding as to what I want from a product. I expect functionality, practicality and durability. Of course, much of that depends on the products application in whatever task and environment you are operating within.

IPAK – Individual Protective Agent’s Kit

The Individual Protective Agent’s Kit with QuikClot® & SWAT-T® is designed to stop severe hemorrhaging at the point of wounding to bridge the gap until advanced care can be provided. Designed with consideration of the average task and environment of executive, vip & celebrity protection agents, this compact and durable kit allows the protective operations specialist to keep a trauma control kit on their person where it is needed most without the tactical look or excessive size of a full kit.

The IPAK includes a safe, effective and easy to use sponge with a hemostatic agent (QuikClot®) used to help control bleeding in cases of non-extremity injuries in conjunction with direct pressure in addition to a portable, multi-purpose tourniquet/pressure bandage (SWAT-T®) to control extremity exsanguination. The covert case is made from ballistic material for durability, with a durable velcro enclosure for rapid one-handed access and a rugged flex clip which ensures confident attachment to waistbands, belts, or straps up to 2″

Confessions of a celebrity bodyguard


“They’re tasked with protecting the lives of the world’s biggest stars — but most of us have no idea just how much work a celebrity bodyguard does behind the scenes to keep their client safe.” read more in link belowScreen Shot 2015-10-07 at 7.35.31 AM