Why you should reassess your firearm training priorities.

Why you should reassess your firearm training priorities.

This is a great information that all who carry a firearm should read, and use to reassess their training priorities.

“Realistic, Relevant & Practical” are the hallmarks of our training methodology, however I very commonly see the opposite in a lot of training programs I have attended. I.E. I often see videos and firsthand accounts of reload drills…yet the overwhelming majority of concealed carriers and personal protection specialists I know of only carry their weapon and no spare magazine (myself included) …it is tough to argue the point that you are well trained when you don’t even carry the gear you trained with – such as with holsters and drawing your weapon…most guys I see training have a “range holster” which is typically a kydex OWB at 3o’clock, meanwhile they carry IWB appendix… 

Bottom Line- Focus your training on the challenges you will most likely be faced with based on your task and environment.


Below are the statistics showing what skills privately armed citizens were required to perform in real life events over a 5 year period:

  • Retrieve from Storage (handgun)                   32%
  • Move safely from place to place at ready     22%
  • Draw to shoot                                                   20%
  • Challenge from ready                                      15%
  • Intervene in another’s situation                      15%
  • Draw to challenge                                            12%
  • Engage from ready (handgun)                        12%
  • Hold at gunpoint until police arrive                12%
  • Retrieve from Storage (unknown)                  10%
  • Shoot with non-threats downrange                10%
  • Retrieve from Storage (rifle)                            0%
  • Reload                                                                0%


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What skills should we train and practice?

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