South Carolina Bug Sweeps – TSCM

Technicians available all across the state

South Carolina Bug Sweeps and TSCM

Do you think you may be a victim of technical surveillance, or espionage of any sort – in a corporate office, private home or residence, vehicle or vessel  – our technicians can and will help you regain your sense of privacy and security.

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We have the most professional and best trained team members available in the country. Contact us now for a discreet and confidential free consultation.
South Carolina Bug Sweeps and TSCM services available across the state.

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LaSorsa & Associates is an industry-leading provider of  Bug Sweeps, Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures & Electronic Counter Surveillance Services to detect bugs,  electronic eavesdropping devices, detect hidden cameras and detect listening devices.

We only utilize top of the line, state-or-the-art equipment in order to perform our sweeps and inspections to identify various types of audio and video interception devices like hidden cameras and listening devices.

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 Bug Sweep services provided across the state of South Carolina

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South Carolina Bug Sweeps – What we can find

We are able to find any kind of espionage method, illegal video or eavesdropping device, as well as any intelligence intercept device on any piece of equipment or mobile system of communication. Our technicians are the most trusted in the business, and are some of the most professional in the industry, both highly trained and highly experienced. South Carolina Bug Sweeps and TSCM – Charleston, Columbia, Spartanburg, Greenville, Myrtle Beach

Cheap & effective threat devices like these are accessible and available – we can detect hidden cameras and detect listening devices and more. Don’t let simple devices like these ruin your privacy and/or exposing your business.

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Only trust the best available technicians to remove devices like these.
Contact us today in order to restore your sense of privacy and regain your peace of mind.
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