This policy applies to LaSorsa and Associates employees, contractors, vendors, and any entity seeming reimbursement or direct charging on a provided credit card for travel related expenses, referred to hereafter as the “travelers.’

The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedures to be followed to reimburse for expenses incurred while traveling on behalf of LaSorsa and Associates.

LaSorsa and Associates reserves the right to not pay for travel that is not in accordance with this policy.


• Travelers must book directly with the airline, hotel or car rental agency. Any incurred expenses, fees or cancelation charges for booking with travel agencies (Priceline, Orbitz, etc.) will not be reimbursed.

• Travelers may take advantage of the negotiated agreements in LaSorsa and Associates’ Travel Program for hotels. In the event the traveler has negotiated lower corporate discounts, the lowest rate options must be accepted.

• Travelers must minimize travel expenses whenever possible by selecting the least expensive option that does not result in unreasonable or ineffective use of work time.

• Travelers must submit all expense receipts including itineraries related to LaSorsa and Associates travel.

• All insurance for travelers  is the responsibility of the traveler. LaSorsa and Associates is not responsible for providing insurance coverage.

Air Transportation

• Travelers should purchase non-refundable airline tickets.

• Travelers are required to purchase airfares fourteen (14) days prior to departure when possible.

• Travelers are required to fly in Economy/Coach class unless authorized in writing by a Project Manager who also controls the project budget bearing the expense.

• Travelers must book the Lowest Logical Fare (“LLF”) which is defined as the lowest fare within a two (2)-hour departure/arrival

window and may require connections that do not add more than a two (2)-hour layover.

• Exceptions to the LLF must be authorized in advance by a Project Manager who also controls the project budget bearing the expense.


• Travelers must select the lowest hotel rate for the destination city whether the traveler uses their own corporate hotel program or LaSorsa and Associates’ program.

• Reimbursement for lodging is limited to a single standard room rate. No upgraded room category will be reimbursed.

• Expense reimbursement for staying in a private home (e.g., family, friends or at a traveler’s personal residence) in lieu of hotel costs are not reimbursable.

• No compensation in the form of gifts or meals is allowed.


• Travelers shall not seek reimbursement for incurred travel expenses that are cancelled by the traveler.

• When a trip is cancelled by LaSorsa and Associates after the ticket has been issued, the traveler shall inquire about utilizing the remaining value of the ticket minus airline imposed cancellation fees for future travel for LaSorsa and Associates. In the event this is not possible, LaSorsa and Associates will work with the airline to obtain a full refund to be applied to any request by traveler for reimbursement.

• Travelers are responsible for cancellation in accordance with airline’s or hotel’s cancellation policies. LaSorsa and Associates will not reimburse for no-show billings for failure to cancel.

Reimbursable Expenses

The following items may be reimbursable to travelers when necessary and reasonable, and incurred while conducting LaSorsa and Associates business. Reimbursable items include, but are not limited to:

• Commercial airfare and surface transportation (Economy/Coach Class) including parking fees and tolls.

• Actual gratuity tips paid, when reasonable and customary.

• Hotel/lodging.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Non-reimbursable items include, but are not limited to:

• Airline club memberships.

• No-show fees for hotels, airfare, or car rentals.

• Cancellation fees except those unavoidable due to business requirements.

• Class of service upgrades.

• Seat selection or upgrades.

• Car, train, and air phones.

• Lost or stolen personal items.

• Personal entertainment.

• Traffic/parking violations.

• Family member or other non-business associate’s expenses.

• Credit card fees (including annual or membership fees, late fees, and interest charges).

• Insurance premiums.

• Clothing purchases.

• Foreign travel document requirements.

• Free or upgrade certificates for flight, hotel, or car rental.

• Laundry and dry cleaning.

• Membership fees (including frequent flyer/frequent guest programs)

• Trip or flight insurance.

• Pet care or kennel costs.

• Babysitters or house-sitters.


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