Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch has been a highly anticipated addition to the Apple line, and for good reason due to its potential to fill a gap in the marketplace as well as provide a multitude of services for the end user. In short, this device definitely increases productivity & expands the capabilities of the solo-protector and for anyone who must multi-task throughout their day. Intial impressions have found it to be a significantly more valuable investment ($400) vs. a typical wristwatch. The functionality continues to impress me, and with a long day of advance work last week, I feel as if the device was put through a realistic and grueling test. A recommendation for a piece of gear from me means I have used it, abused it and have given it a relevant and thorough test – and I recommend the Apple Watch to those interested in such a device.


apple watch review
A question I was asked several times were if there are any data rates, and simply this device is not a stand-alone system, runs off of bluetooth connectivity to your iPhone using its data/wifi.

Another questions which came up frequently was is the Apple Watch water proof?
As per the manual: **Apple Watch is splash and water resistant but not waterproof. You can, for example, wear and use Apple Watch during exercise, in the rain, and while washing your hands, but submerging Apple Watch is not recommended. Apple Watch has a water resistance rating of IPX7 under IEC standard 60529. The leather bands are not water resistant.

My largest initial concern was the battery life; which by the manual, is 18 hours under typical use. Last week on a day of advance work, my day started that morning at 0600, the watch was on my wrist at 0630 and in short time was providing me directions to SFO for a flight to PDX. After I landed, the watch again provided turn-by-turn directions to my destinations for the rest of the day, totaling almost 9 hours of driving, ending up back at PDX. The day included approx 125 text messages, 45 emails and 25 phone calls with almost 9 hours of GPS guidance. Time was around 0100 and the watch still had 23% power. apple watch review

As I sat there recollecting my thoughts and compiling reports, I looked back at the long day I had eating pizza in the car and singing along like an idiot to “Today’s Country” on Pandora to stay awake while driving back to PDX at midnight – No… pizza, soda and dark chocolate raisinets were not pre-summer diet compliant, but it was my only comfort throughout the lonely day. A day like that makes me recall Joe Autera’s recent post “What I wouldn’t give to be you” (he said it better than I ever could so look it up, if interested) Many want to be a protector – but that phrase could more appropriately be said as “many want to say they are a protector”, as being one includes days like today – 20 hours of traveling, assessments, anticipation of all considerable events, etc. etc. without ever having contact with the principal and all the while I am thinking about my daughters at home at swim practice. Not being on TV, not being glamorous, just getting it done. (I don’t expect a day like today out of my guys, but leadership has its price) None the less, the job takes a toll, and those aspiring to be one would be wise to experience this post as a reality check.
I have since got to come home to the right coast, and if nothing comes up I’ll have a few days off between heading to Miami, Florida for our 7 day Training Program 6/22-28, and right after that I will be back on the wrong coast. Thanks for reading.