LaSorsa & Associates Hired Driver SOP Agreement

General Guidelines:

  • Stay in the vehicle upon arrival and departure unless directed by Agent to exit and assist. 
  • Ensure to bring along an extra key/fob for the protective agent.
    Upon arrival – once passengers disembark, wait to drive away until Agent signals you. 
  • Keep the doors locked and unlock only when necessary or directed to by Agent.
  • Speak only when spoken to; keep answers short and keep eyes on the road.
  • Let the Agent know where you are parked and update whenever you move the vehicle. 
  • Drive a safe speed, typically 5 MPH under the speed limit or slightly slower than traffic. 
  • Drivers should know the area, any specified routes, and attempt to avoid back alleys, choke points, areas with displeasing aesthetics, etc.
  • Be ready for immediate pickup for at least 15 minutes post arrival and 15 minutes prior to any scheduled departure time, or as directed.  
  • Maintain vehicle readiness and security whenever parked. 
  • If using GPS, keep the device mounted, out of sight, and with the volume turned off or through an earpiece. 
  • Avoid cologne, perfume, or heavily scented lotions and never smoke during or around a detail and should not smoke in any clothing they will be wearing near clients. Consider your meals as well.
  • Vehicle Marking and Tracking: Please notify the Agent of any conspicuous marking of the vehicles, and any systems which may be location tracking the driver or the vehicle.
  • In the event of a collision, Agents will ensure the client is unharmed, summon emergency medical or police assistance as necessary, and will follow all applicable laws with regard to auto incidents, all while getting the Principal into an un-involved vehicle quickly to continue movement. 

Motorcade Considerations:

  • Drivers in a motorcade (2 or more vehicles) should have their headlights always on.
  • Drivers should maintain the motorcade integrity and avoid letting in other traffic in between vehicles if at all possible and safe.
  • Lead and rear vehicles stay slightly to the left, and all middle vehicles slightly to the right for visibility. 
  • Signal all lane changes and turns so rear vehicle can appropriately take action. 
  • If the primary vehicle in a multi-vehicle motorcade is pulled over by law enforcement, the advance and/or chase vehicles will stage nearby to observe and assist as necessary. If an advance or chase vehicle is pulled over, the primary vehicle will continue to its destination without stopping.
  • Drivers should not make calls or text while driving.

Vehicle Preparation:

  • Clean windows, interior and exterior, A/C to 72 degrees F, gas tank full.
  • Clients amenities: water, mints/gum, snacks, device chargers, magazines/newspaper, tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, umbrella, disposable raincoats, etc. 
  • Familiarization with the vehicle, climate control, seats/doors, and radio functions.
  • Turn off Blue Tooth to avoid picking up calls while in transit.
  • Turn the radio off, but pre-set to an appropriate station. 
  • Drivers are responsible for security sweeps of the vehicles, daily and as directed.

Daily Vehicle Checks – TFOLDE:

  • Tires – Tire pressure and check tires for wear/damage.
  • Fuel – Full tank and consider range.
  • Oil – Oil pressure, level and maintenance routine.
  • Lights – Consider overall visibility (window cleanliness) and light function.
  • Damage – Check for any and all damage.
  • Equipment – Review an appropriate checklist provided by the Agent.

Providing Driver and Vehicle Information:

Click here for the L&A Agent Bio Form

Click here for the L&A Vehicle Info Form

If requested, please provide the following vehicle information via the form above or as indicated by your project manager:

  • Show the pickup angle (from the front right)
  • Show specific markings
  • Show and list the license plate
  • Show and list the colors and interior for SOP and client preference
  • List the passenger and luggage capability
  • List if gas, diesel, electric or hybrid for client preference and for planning purposes
  • In example:

LaSorsa Vehicle Info Sheet

Communication App Participation & Location Tracking Required:

  • LaSorsa & Associates and/or the client may require tracking of the driver’s smartphone while on duty via Life360, Google Maps, Glympse or similar app of the company’s or client’s choosing.
  • LaSorsa & Associates and/or the client may require the driver to be in chat groups of WhatsApp or Signal or similar app of the company’s or client’s choosing.

By entering your information and signature below, you agree to be held accountable to this standard operating procedure for LaSorsa and Associates.