LaSorsa & Associates – DH-PM Event Security SOP Agreement

General Guidelines:

  • All reporting and official communication with events staff will be handled exclusively by the detail manager and shift leaders.
  • All event attendees should be treated as if they are the client. You never know who you are speaking with and their internal influence.
  • Agents are required to remain at their post/area assigned as directed by their shift leader. 
  • Sitting while on shift is not permitted unless previously approved by the detail manager.
  • Keep interactions with the client and event attendees to a minimum. If they do not instigate the conversation we do not engage with them. 
  • All sling bags and backpacks with necessary gear should be staged in a discreet location near your post: Standing with a sling bag often makes you stand out and doesn’t fit into the clients culture for the event.
  • Professional attire (Collared shirts, slacks, appropriate closed toe shoes) should be worn for all business related client activities. 
  • All tattoos should remain covered by clothing.
  • All piercing outside of ear piercing for female agents should be removed for the duration of the detail. 
  • There will be no smoking in client areas or while wearing the same clothes worn during a shift. Clients do not want to smell smoke on agents at any time. 
  • There will be no smoking in hotel rooms, on balconies or in vehicles at any time. 
  • Agents will not engage in recreational activities while on shift or on the site that the client occupies.
  • Agents off shift are permitted to engage in appropriate recreational activities if the following criteria are met: 
    • 1. The agents inform the detail manager of their plans, utilized off site location, vehicles utilized, etc.  
    • 2. The agents remain in professional attire until they leave the property and are in professional attire when they return. 
    • 3. The detail manager approves the recreational activity request.
  • Agents on shift will utilize the client buffet for on shift dining. (This will be arranged by the shift leader.)
  • Agents off shift will utilize the client provided dining (if available) and bill meals at the hotel restaurant to their room if instructed to do so by their shift leader.
  • Any off site dining must be approved by the detail leader in advance to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Agents will not order excessive items during off site dining. 
  • Absolutely zero alcohol will be billed to rooms and alcohol is not billable to LaSorsa & Associates.
  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted while working with LaSorsa & Associates. 
  • Photos of receipts are required for any meals billed to a room or purchased off site.
  • If you witness a member of the events team behaving in an inappropriate manner you must inform your shift supervisor immediately. 

Travel Considerations:

  • Agents must carry on luggage and refrain from checking bags unless approved by the detail manager.
  • All agents are required to bring all documentation needed for air travel and/or ground transportation.
  • The final billing documentation is required for every rental vehicle upon return. (Ensure that they send you a copy of the bill)
  • All meals consumed during travel to and from the event are not billable unless previously approved by the detail manager.
  • Airline seat upgrades are not billable to LaSorsa & Associates.
  • Hotel stays due to canceled flights and other unforeseen circumstances may be billable but must be reported to and approved by the detail manager before the expense is incurred.

Gear Requirements:

  • All agents must carry a small medical kit & flashlight while on shift.
    • Suggested items include: Over the counter medication, pens and markers, phone charging cables, phone battery packs, pocket knives (if working CONUS), Weapons if required and previously mandated by the detail manager.
  • All agents must know the nearest AED & Fire Extinguisher locations to their posts. 

Excursion Procedures:

  • Agent excursion attire (if different from attire as listed above) must be discussed and approved by the detail manager. (Many times different attire is necessary)
  • Assigned agents must review the excursion documents and complete the Excursion Report Format below before arriving on site at the beginning of the detail.
  • The Movement Report Format below must be completed and reported in the relevant chat at the beginning of every excursion movement.

Excursion Report Format

(To be completed before detail begins)

Excursion Type:

  • Pick up site:
  • Drop off site:

Excursion Location Address:

Excursion Location Phone:

Expected Departure Time:

Expected Return Time:

Excursion Route: (Photos)

Route Hazards:


  • (Describe Incident #1)
  • (Describe Incident #2)
  • (Describe Incident #3)

Contingency Plans:

  • (Plan #1)
  • (Plan #2)
  • (Plan #3)

Movement Report Format

(To be completed upon departure)

Number of vehicles:

Number of passengers:

Driver Name:

Driver Phone Number:

Safety Equipment Checklist:

(Examples: Relevant items will vary by excursion and the list should be updated by the agent to reflect the most relevant equipment needed)

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Water
  • Sunscreen

Medical Gear Checklist:

  • First aid kit
  • AED
  • Passenger Specific Gear:
    • (Note: If a passenger discloses a medical concern)

NOTE: All movements will be reported upon departure via Whatsapp

Communication App Participation & Location Tracking Required:

  • LaSorsa & Associates and/or the client may require tracking of the driver’s smartphone while on duty via Life360, Google Maps, Glympse or similar app of the company’s or client’s choosing.
  • LaSorsa & Associates and/or the client may require the driver to be in chat groups of WhatsApp or Signal or similar app of the company’s or client’s choosing.
  • Agents are required to ensure that their phones remain charged and operational for the duration of the detail.
  • Use of professional looking bluetooth devices (airpods, JLAB headsets) are encouraged.
  • If PTT radios are issued they are required to be utilized while on shift.
  • All issued PTT radios must be fully charged and ready to go before your shift begins.
  • All communication put out by the detail manager and shift leaders must be responded to as soon as possible. 


  • The official Whatsapp or Signal chat will serve as the official reporting location for non emergencies.
  • Agents will report all movements to and from the detail as well as all movements during the detail in the relevant chat. 
  • For all incidents and emergencies the agents will immediately call their shift leader and initiate a preliminary report so we can inform the client in real time and support their internal response to the incident. 
  • The detail manager will inform the appropriate client POC & on site doctor and support their patient care procedures.
  • After the incident/emergency has been handled the participating agent will write a full report to the detail manager to include: Who, What, When, Where and Why, | Any relevant photos, relevant contact information | A brief summary of the events as the agent understands them stating only the facts and not the agent’s opinion.

By entering your information and signature below, you agree to be held accountable to this standard operating procedure for LaSorsa and Associates.